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Word 2022-11-28 Poverty or Hypocrisy

Prophetic word given on 2022-11-28 around 2:30pm while working on the boat.

Please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word to give you deeper understanding of all the details.

Beginning of Prophecy

Do you prefer to live in poverty or in hypocrisy?
How close is righteousness and lawlessness together?
As close as hypocrites are to Me.

When I addressed the Pharisees as hypocrites they still believed in all their knowledge, brain and education they were the only righteous.
Has anything changed until this very day?
Open your eyes and look around.
Kings, leaders in politics, business and religion are still the same.

Repentant hearts in hypocrites?
You rather find swarms of fish climbing up mount Everest.

Hold on to what you have in Me and let lose of everything else.
Oh My people, when do you turn your heads away from watching hypocrites?

Have I not told you to go into this world and make disciples?
Not much time is left to work.
Darkness is on the horizon and fast, very fast it’s rolling towards all the earth.
Poverty is also rolling fast with increasing speed and number (the amount).

The plans of the wicked will come to pass.
They want most people in poverty.
Such a poverty that most of them will die.

Yet, they made a little but significant mistake in their calculation.
There is a poverty that leads the people to Me.
And this this is at the core of their evil plan the most important.
They did not want even a single person to come to Me and find the Truth with everlasting life in Me.
Driven by the devil they have only one single goal – and this is to send all people into hell.

Oh these fools, I am not in their calculation but I will let them know one day My calculation.
I calculated every tiny thing, down to the smallest pieces of an atom to create heaven and earth.
And then I spoke everything in existence.
Technology today might be able to calculate a lot of things, but no machine is able to produce the breath of life.
They think of eternal life by science and technology, but I have implemented eternity already in every soul.
Science don’t understand the difference between eternal life and eternity.
There is only eternal life in Me.
Eternity is also in death, and there hypocrisy will end, in the lake of fire.
Yet poverty with the poor in Spirit will inherit the kingdom of heaven.

End of prophecy

There are good news: in Heaven there will be no poverty nor hypocrisy!

Matthew 23,1-36
Matthew 16:25, Mark 8:35, Luke 9:24, 17,33
John 9:4
Matthew 28:19
Matthew 5:3

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