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Word 2022-11-23 When the bride will be taken, expect it today

Scripture and snippets with poetic prophecy during the week plus a short prophecy given on 2022-11-23 around 10:30pm

For you is to ask the Holy Spirit in prayer to give you understanding, wisdom and discernment about these words and how to response.

Remember also: When it says I, Me, My; Mine; the one speaking is not this goofball on the couch but the Lord Yeshua through His wonderful Holy Spirit.

1 Thessalonians 5 16-22:

16 And be joyful always,
17 pray without ceasing,
18 and in everything be thankful; for this is the will of Elohim in Yeshua the Mashiach for you.
19 Do not quench the Spirit,
20 do not despise prophetic messages,
21 Explore everything and hold fast in the good,
22 stay away from every kind of evil.

Poetic snippets, given throughout several days that week around the 23rd:

It is true
That I will bring you through

In this world you have trouble
But why you want to remain in the bubble

All peace has been taken away
It’s a sign how (far) people have gone astray

All pleasures in this world decorated with silver and gold so nice
Is it worthy to hang on to them and pay the ultimate price?

So far you can see but so blind by evil advice
That you don’t see the cross in front of your eyes

Forgiveness is given by grace alone
Who are you to think you can throw the first stone?

The marriage supper of the lamb is coming so soon
Sooner than you think, with a blood red moon

You look for an answer but at the wrong place
Your selfish mirror gives no answer to your face

My time is in you but your time is now
Don’t look back when your hands hold the plow

″Premiere″ the voices whisper in your mind
The wicked wants you all to be blind

(The wicked say)
Let us clone the clowns to own the crowns
On the throne we announce to stone with shutdowns

Weary are the saints but the day will arrive
When all of them will be removed alive

″Transgression″ the wicked say does not exist anymore
Awake My people for My wrath is at the door

End of snippets, beginning of Prophecy

When I come, when I take My bride.
I don’t come for those who are asleep.
People use to say: Church sleep is the best sleep…
But I tell you; No, it’s the worst sleep!

When you wake up and realize you are not alone, yet you will realize in some ways are really alone.
Without Me, what are you going to do?
What you gonna do when My Spirit departed and you have to fight alone against dark powers in the spiritual realm?
What you gonna do with all those who are with you?
When everyone betrays everyone, what will you do?
Will you join the choir or will you repent and wake up from your slumber?

One day the real oil will not be found anymore.
You may change the oil on your vehicle but where do you think will you get My anointing oil to fill up your tank?

Have you not heard where two or three are gathered in My Name I will be in their midst?
How many logs do you need to pluck out of your eyes together with the whole eyes before you can remove the tiny splinter out of your brothers eye in order to become one with Him?
I tell you, it’s a whole forest of wood.

Make yourself ready for the big change.
Yes, the kings continue to plot against Me and My anointed.
But for you My precious children it’s not to play with the world, but to pray with your brothers and sisters in unity.

My beloved, don’t expect Me to come soon.
Don’t expect Me to come in the near future.
Expect Me to come now.

End of Prophecy.

Test the words in fervent prayer, keep on to trust in the Lord Yeshua and what He said.
Obey His commandments as He kept His fathers commandments.
Love Him with all your heart soul mind and strength.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-22
John 16:33
Acts 10:43, John 8:1-11
Revelation 6:4
Joel 3:4, Acts 2:22, Revelation 6:12
Luke 9:62
Matthew 25:1-13
Matthew 18:20
Matthew 7:3-5, Luke 6:41-42, Matthew 18:9
Psalm 2:1-2
Revelation 2:16, 22:20

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