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Word 2022-11-11 Do you know…?

Prophetic Word 2022-11-11 19:00 during worship

Sometimes the title looks a bit odd, but so it is.
And as a disclaimer here again; when it speaks about I, Me, My or Mine, it is not this goofball sitting on the couch, but the Lord Yeshua through His Holy Spirit

Beginning of Prophecy:

Do you know how My kingdom looks like?
Do you know how your eternal home looks like?
Do you have even the slightest clue about how much love I invested to prepare your home?

Thousands of years I am waiting for you – I am waiting for the very moment when you stop with the desire for another loop of human history.
History is repeating over and over.

I showed My great love for you at the cross but you continue to vote for the next king and believe it will bring liberty into your life.
One comes, and goes, the next comes and disappears and the wheel keep on spinning around and around.
How many of them have been like King David like a man after My own heart?
Look around and see and search, how many do you find throughout the entire human history.
They are not many.

Some of them you praise and lift up high as if they were righteous.
No, not the ones that the liars praise and lift up high, but the ones who have some insight into My word and how I define righteousness.
Yes, even they praise man of sin.
Others that are truly righteous you don’t see through your propaganda-washed glasses.
You listen to their smooth speeches but I see into their hearts.

Too many of you, who have heard My word clearly with some who studied it inside out should know it better.
You know that My kingdom is not of this world and not conform to Sodom and Gomorrah – which is this world at the present state – but you still seek for a continuation of the worldly show.
Those who know that there is nothing new under the son still hope to find something that could be considered as new and revolutionary.

You don’t know true history.
You brain is only filled with fake schoolbook history, yet neglect the possibility that much of it could be very much manipulated.
You will surely not believe if someone would claim that even modern technology is nothing new.
Know this, that My history is the only history that is true, but through time more and more twists have been made to let it appear as fantasy and obscurity.

When do you stop running around in your hamster wheel and come to Me?
When do you stop listening to liars, change your mind and listen to My voice?
When do you stop looking at all the distractions everywhere around… but instead look at Me?
When do you stop hearken on deceptions but cling to Me?
Why do you want to continue to dance in the circus of this world instead to focus on that place I prepared for you with the desire to step into it?
Why are you – especially so many of those who know that My wedding can be sooner than any expectations – but run around with empty lamps?

I rather accept those who are cold than those who are lukewarm.
There is no repetition of history anymore – it’s over.
A time is coming soon after this short season of calm before the storm, when there will be something new under the sun.

Trials and tribulation the world have never seen before are behind the cozy door.
A time of testing for all those who are still standing between the sand and the rock.
A time for all people to decide where to turn.
A time where you can repent or rebel but no turning from the turn anymore.
A time with signs, wonders and miracles like never before.
True and false miracles on every corner.

Enjoy now the last calm before the storm.
It won’t last much longer.
A transition to the greatest deception ever happened awaits all people, small and great.
Greater the deception will be as the one in the garden that caused Adam, Chavah and Me extraordinary pain and suffering.
I carried that pain up to the cross, but still so many neglect the freedom and joy in the suffering.
I suffered for you that you can look forward to the day when there will be no more pain and suffering.

And know: this last coming deception is far more cunning than anything before, and beyond imagination.
It’s like those nasty insects they only arrive in darkness.
And as soon you turn on the light they miraculously disappear.
But My light that shines in you will not be enough to escape the final great deception if you don’t live in Me, trust and obey Me and obey My words written from Genesis to Revelation.
If you add or remove just one single letter or twist your bias between you will get deceived – as these things will be added and removed to you.

Sadly many will fall into the trap.
If you have eyes to see and ears to hear and a heart to understand, listen to My Holy Spirit
Cry together with Him for The King to come.
Let the spirit and the bride say: ″Come″! (Come Lord Yeshua/ Yeshua Bo)

Let go of another loop with nothing new under the dome, where the sun shines upon the righteous and the wicked.
Let go of everything that binds you to this world.
Let go of your past and presence and expect the bridegroom to take you to the wedding.

A kingdom is waiting for you.
Yes, it makes Me sad that so many people prefer to continue worldly kingdoms to come and go with new kings be set in place.
But there will be no more kings be put into place by Me.
A king will come who will declare himself to be the creator of all things yet he is only another created being to arrive on stage.

Where are the ones who seek My kingdom first?
Where are the ones who can’t wait to see and enter their mansions that I have prepared and made ready for all eternity?
Only because it’s beyond imagination you have a hard time to trust it is true and push earthly life with never ending extensions?
Where is your passion, where is your desire to go home?

But I tell you, it is true, I am not a man that I should lie.
I am The Truth, The Way, The Truth and The Life, and I dwelt among you and I am still with you til the end of this age.
And above it all, it’s more real than anythings you experience today in this world.
I am waiting for you, full with joy to see you and never be separated again.

End of prophecy.

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