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Word 2022-10-27 Protests are in the plan for changes

Prophetic Word, given on 2022-10-27 around 7pm while cooking

There was a bit an interruption, because someone came along while I wrote down the word, yet we had a good talk where he shared roughly some interesting information.
The word may have become longer but so it is…

However, for the word, ask prayerfully the Holy Spirit to give you more insight, also of what might important and relevant for you in your personal life.

Beginning of Prophecy

Protests, yes, all in the plan – many of them.
A hidden plan and agenda, yet an open plan.
People join the protests and think it will change something.
And indeed it will change something.

It will change the peoples emotions and behavior.
But it will not change the plan of the puppet masters because it’s already in their playbook.
Those, who join the protests, many have good intentions – very good intentions.
Hirelings, actors, performers, clowns… all mingled in the team of the innocent ignorant crowds.

Mister Soros, Schwab, the Rocky-failures, Daddy Bilderberger and all the sons of Jezebel.
You all know My plan to some extend but you hate Me.
The day will come when you won’t be able to send and pay anyone to protest anymore but you yourself will protest.
It will be a protest where you can’t fool the foolish fools into destruction.

You will protest and say like the one to Avraham: ″We have 5 brothers in the Vatican school, each in every continent.
Send someone to warn them about this place of torment where we can’t get a single drop of water to cool our tongues″.

Then I will say to them: ″You heard in Torah you shall not lie and bear false witness, you shall not murder and all the rest.
All ten words you willfully violated and even made a Georgia-mockery out of it″.
Do you think I will listen to your protests when you ignored the protests of the children in the wombs of mothers, the toddlers and older children?

Their blood is on your hands and cry since centuries to Me from the ground.
While you paid protesters to send them into protest, you yourself joined the cannibals and cabal of death.
One day the angel of death will carry you all away, far away from My presence after you protested for a split-second before My judgment seat.

Like as the people around Noachs ark, you have only evil intentions,
If you like, you can protest against your best friend who is waiting for you to arrive in his sulfur burning residence.
Your plans will turn when I will flip your tables of greed and reveal everything you discuss behind closed doors.

Your climate agenda will tumble like the walls of Yericho.
I will bring worms and parasites into the food that you have stored in your underground bunkers.
All food you have stolen from the people while hundreds of millions will starve to death.
You laugh at every person that perishes.
And yes, nations perish because of the lack of knowledge.
You twisted history added and removed it for your benefit.
To this you twisted knowledge and My truth and the way to find truth, all for your own selfish benefit.

But listen, oh wicked people: The day is very close when I will laugh at you and have you in derision.
All you underground rulers of this world, listen to the word I will speak in My fury.
All the terror you orchestrated is like a children’s birthday party compared to the terror you will face one day.

I have enough of you!
One by one I will hand you over now to the (final) tormentor and you plans and protests will be swallowed up in the everlasting flames of destruction with sulfur.
Between you and Avraham descendants, those who truly kept My commandment and love Me is a big gap and the bridge of the cross of grace that was available will be no more for you.
Woe to those who hindered other people to cross that bridge.. it would be better for them not to be born.

End of prophecy.

There are different opinions about how many continents are in this world
It can be 5, 6 or even 7 continents depends how to separate them geographically.

Luke 16:19-31
Exodus 20:2-17, Deuteronomy 5:6-19, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11
Hebrews 9:27
Genesis 6:3-8
Matthew 6:19-21
Revelation 6:(1-)15-17

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