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Word 2022-10-24 The days of Noach and the rain/ reign

Prophetic word, received on 2022-10-24 around 21:00

I advice as always to ask the Holy Spirit prayerfully to lead and guide you through this word to give you the full meaning and understanding, especially if something is a bit unclear.

A bit a silly thing is the word rain in English – similar pronunciation as reign.
In many cases you can interchange rain and reign or use both.
Except one time at the end I used the word reign.

Beginning of Prophecy

Have you seen the rain?
No! You have not seen the (real) rain (yet), even as you see and hear about rain and flooding everywhere in this world
From every corner the (man-made) song goes forth with little catastrophes.

Ask Noach what he would say about it.
There is the rain, made by men, wickedness and corruption on every level.
And yes, Noach saw it all around him.
He heard all the scoffers and watered down messages laughing at him.
One day as he was inside the ark greeting all the animals he heard the door closing behind him.
Safe and secure inside corruption and terror outside.

If I would not have promised him not to destroy the earth by a flood anymore, I would consider to do it again.
People mock Me when catastrophes are knocking at their doors while knocking down their belongings.
But they simply address the wrong person.

If I would let the devil and all his wicked servants allow everything they want do to, the world would not be inhabitable for men, animals, birds and all sea creatures.
Yet in My mercy I give a lot of time to repent for everyone.
And I have extended that period already several times.

But now the world is in a state that is worse as it was in the days of Noach, and the warnings will soon fade away.
When My bride enters the wedding ark, quickly after that the door will be shut.
People will go through fire and hell on earth.
A time of peril for all living beings.

You see already the preparations for the finalization and perfection of the beast system, all around.
You see the preppers or may you only hear of them, as they one by one already start to hide in the woods and remote places.
Those who have not prepared themselves and prepped with oil in their lamps and their wicks trimmed will not be able to hide, no matter how remote they run.
There will be not even a single square inch to hide, where in the evil beast system is not able to detect.

Ask Noach, if anyone outside the ark was able to escape the flood.
So nothing new under the sun.
There will be no escape, nor any hiding place from My wrath, even not in the clefts and under the rocks.
Then, you will see the difference between the man-made disasters and what My hand is going to do together with My outstretched arm.
Pharaoh had a tiny little glimpse of what I am able to do.

And I give all those in Egypt, small and great a final chance to repent.
The decree is already out to kill the children.
But Pharaoh and his devoted army is still not able to cross the water like the children of Israel.

Watch all the plagues swiftly coming, one after the other.
Not a minute to breathe between each of them.
But there is still time enough to repent and walk over to the camp of My children to the place out of darkness of the hearts to where there is light – in the Land of Goshen.

The days of Noach and remember Lot’s wife.
When the rain of fire came down on Sodom and Gomorrah, what you think shall I do to this wicked and lawless generation?
What shall I pour down upon them?

Throughout centuries I poured out grace upon grace and mercy with patience on every nation.
I let it rain over the righteous and the wicked.
Some rain is for blessing, other rain for judgment and My reign is forever.

End of prophecy

Genesis 6+7
Matthew 25:1-13
Ecclesiastes 1:9
Exodus 7-11
Exodus 1:15+22, Matthew 2:16-18
Luke 17:32-33
Matthew 5:45

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