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Word 2022-10-20 Black or White, nothing else

Prophetic Word, given 2022-10-20 around 5am during breakfast

Please let the Holy Spirit lead and guide you through this word, though we understand the idiom more or less but make sure not to misunderstand the metaphorical meaning.

Beginning of Prophecy:

There is black and there is white.
You say, but there is all the gray between… and where are all the colors?
I say: No, soon you will see only black or white.
Green, blue and red and all gray will soon be gone.

You will look into this world and only black and white will be left.
I am about to remove the gray and all the colors.
You can’t serve two masters.
And so you can’t stand much longer in the gray.

The days of separation are here.
Even churches have to decide finally whether they serve black or white.
Every gray in the churches I am about to vomit out of My mouth.
And one day, when (the) white will be taken out of this world, black will be left.
Darkness, the world has never seen before.

Most people in high places already made their decision whom to follow.
The people of this world are undecided yet soon be forced to take their stand and place.
Either they will be with the sheep or the goats.
Only many churches (seem to) feel comfortable with (in) their gray seats and pews.
Yet I will bring them to a point where they have to decide to follow Me or the world.
The days of gray are numbered, and coming to an end.

I have warned you over and over through Moshe and all the prophets.
And the prophets still speak today.
I am the same yesterday, today and forever and still speak to My children today and forever and to My chosen prophets.
Gray prophets will remain not much longer and then you will see the difference between those who stand in the bright white light and those who serve the deep dark darkness.

By their love you will know of who is Mine.
Their deeds will speak louder than their voice.
Also by the deeds of those in darkness you will recognize whom they serve.
But be aware that the outer darkness prophets are inspired by the angel of light, the angel of lies to deceive.
Their love is not My love, their compassion not My compassion and their truth is not My Truth.
Though they quote from My truth to make people believe they serve Me.
If you stay in Me and My word in you, deception will not stick to you as waters roll off Teflon.

Exposure is coming to both sides.
Exposure of truth to the children of My light, and exposure of lies and deception to the servants of darkness.
Black and white separated as I separated light and darkness at the beginning of creation and the separation of the waters above and the waters below.

The noise of this world will pass away and will turn into screaming of eternal pain and suffering.
Darkness, emptiness and bottomless is the pit.

End of prophecy

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