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Word 2022-10-06 What is the pope doing?

Prophetic word, given on 2022-10-06 around 9pm while editing videos.

As always remember, when it speaks about I, Me, My, mine, it’s not this goofball on the couch but Yeshua through His Ruach HaKodesh.

And yes, whatever your thoughts about this might be, please ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom what to do with that word.

Beginning of prophecy:

Do you see what the pope is doing right now?
If you could see that, you would say: ″oooh, this is horrible, disgusting″
But I say no, it’s worse! It’s way worse!
And he is not alone.

You watch with corrupted eyes, I see everything with holy eyes and a pure heart.
Yes, I love him as much as all other people, but grace will come to an end.

Many other people are with him, most of them in positions of so-called respect and honor, they are doing the same things.
Sodom and Gomorrah could learn a lot from those people in high places today.
With their smirks and smiles on their facades they stand in front of public and international cameras with polished lenses.

But as soon the red recording light of the cameras turn off, the red light turns on in their hidden chambers and their red shoes shine like bright stars with fire from hell.
And indeed, the perfume they put on their skin.
comes straight from the pit underground.
The blood of innocent unborn, little children, girls and boys gives them the polish and lacquer and liquid for their personal medicine like as a vaccine.
No, it’s snot the same poison they want to force into anyone else with the alteration of My design at the very core of human identity.
They themselves don’t take it.

A tiny needle in the arm does not satisfy them.
In buckets they drink it, and drunken in their minds can’t see the truth, my face anymore.
But the day is approaching soon, when they all will face, The Truth; My Truth; My Face.

Not much time is left to repent.
How many of those in high position will ask Me to forgive them, forgive their sins and change from deep within you ask?
Not many!
Only a very few of them.

And the pope you may wonder, what about him?
Yes, there is still a very narrow window open for him to come to Me.
And indeed, if he would come to Me, repent of his sins, he will be the first pope to enter My kingdom.

And all those who play together with him some games with little children, even this I will forgive.
But intoxicated with the blood of innocent and the money that blinded their greedy minds and souls, it is a hard journey.
Therefore they will reap what they have sown.

They boast over and over about their evil achievements and deceive others by presenting evil as good and turn good into evil.
But My standards remain and will never change.
What I have declared evil remains evil forever.
The fruit of the tree of knowledge have not changed.
Men changed it’s definition.

When the pope and his friends don’t repent soon, I will hand them over to their best friend, the father of all lies.
There they don’t need to repent anymore, nor do they need to speak a single word of truth anymore.
And indeed, they will not speak much at all because they will scream like the children they abuse.
Yet unlike the little children they will enter into a place of constant pain and misery that is beyond human words.

They chose that way and that place as their final destination.
The door to the ark was open for many years, decades, centuries.
Noachs words and warnings to repent have been out for decades, yet the people around the hill, on where Noach built the ark, continued laughing and mocking at him and Me.
So the day came when the waters arrived and drowned all those outside the ark.
The day will come soon, when I will close the last and final ark of salvation before fire from heaven will consume the ones outside the ancient rock.

Urgent, urgent, yes, it is very urgent to come now, because at any day the door can shut.
You like to swim in insanity and madness?
Don’t mock Me by saying, ″no one knows the day and the hour″ and blame My beloved who sent and still sending out warning after warnings.
Keep your tongue away from kindling a fire in midst of My assembly.
I tell you, whether you see the snatching of My bride or My final return or not while your physical eyes are still alive in your mortal body.
Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

Every day, hour, minute or second you only live in this fallen world by My grace.
Let My grace be sufficient enough for you and praise Me for all the signs, miracles and wonders I have in store for you.
With a fiery tongue it’s too dangerous to operate in a field full of explosives.

Don’t judge as the unrighteous and the self righteous do.
I will judge in due time.
If someone unrighteous preach My word of salvation, let it be for the sake of others.
I see the motives in the hearts of each and every person.
Even if I will say at the end to him: ″I never knew you″, it is not your duty to judge them.
If they are false teachers and by just a little truth when they quote My words, then, when only one person will find eternal life through Me in their speech,
there will be great joy in heaven, more than for 99 false teachers and prophets in self-righteous robes.

Get ready for the next move and don’t be deceived by the ones who eat your children.
The way to the Father in heaven is not and will never be through the pope.

End of Prophecy.

Note: if you wonder about the timing related to what the pope was doing:
Though I have not an accurate clock, but the timezone is UTC/ GMT+2.
You calculate for your own.

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