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Word 2022-09-26 Tree of knowledge will fall

Prophetic Word, given 2022/09/26 around 7:00am

Guess you will recognize which group will be addressed.
But in any case, please make sure you ask the Holy Spirit
to give you deeper understanding into this word.

Beginning of Prophecy:

Year after year your knowledge increase.
You designed sophisticated tools and machines to figure out all cause of diseases and death.
But now when people dropping like flies you know nothing anymore.
As a sudden knowledge death syndrome.
Yes, you suddenly claim you have no clue of what’s going on.

You have been laughing about the medicine man of ancient days whom you title as witch doctors and charlatans, those who have no understanding of anything about health.
But you ate too much of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, yet you missed the good and picked only the evil leaves and the wicked rotten fruit.

The pharma industry long ago planted another tree from the seed they received from their father of lies.
Over centuries the tree grew and became the tree of lies and deception.
The tree still cries out for blood and more blood.
Donations from all available sources for more and greater lies and deception.
The branches of greed, corruption and bribery once stretched out over Sodom and Gomorrah, cover today now the entire face of the earth rising in accelerating pride up to heaven.
The bloody roots of all evil grew deep into the hearts of men and mingled deep within the love of money and the souls.

Like in fall time when the leaves of the trees start to change their colors, so the leaves of your knowledge.
A cold Winter is coming to you oh wicked people and it will become very hot for you.
The day will come when you wish you’ve never been born.

Rainbow colored leaves you give children to eat.
Yet these leaves are full with poison from the blood of their brothers and sisters who were refused to see the sun and the beauty of My creation.
Though the full beauty that you have corrupted, there is still enough evidence of My glory within creation.

As it leads a whole generation into corruption the days of Noach will bring the ark.
Some will enter, many not, so as it was in the days of Noach.

The storms are coming and it is already here.
A storm that will blow the leaves from that tree.
And when My ax has finished the work, the tree will fall.

Like Nebuchadnezzar you will go mad and eat grass for seven years.
This is the time I will test the wicked and pride if they will repent and turn to Me like the king or continue to mock against Me, My anointed and defile My creation, My temple.
Your knowledge shall disappear under heaven until you acknowledge your creator, the one who came to search and save.
But yes most of you will continue to mock Me til the end in all the devastation that will take place in the coming season until I will shorten the final hour.

All the birds that once nested in the branches have become sick by your sorceries.
Unlike the ancient medicine man, those who used My creation to heal diseases, you discredited them and created toxic substances designed and dedicated from the pit of hell.
Yes there have been many swindlers back then who have the same mindset as you today, only with the purpose in mind to gain worldly wealth when their results of good have been non existent.
Like you, they did not had any compassion nor the desire for the well-being of your neighbor in mind but only their own benefit.
And even in ancient days they could continue and continue as people have been brainwashed to think, the more they pay, the better the medicine man.

But there’s nothing new under the sun.
As well today those who use My creation and the nature to bring true healing to their neighbors, you, oh wicked people go against them with all possible means in your mean mind, and the desire to wipe them off the face of the earth.

Yet unlike the king, this tree today will never grow again until it is cast into the eternal fire.
As I uproot every little root, everything that is concealed will be revealed.
And I will bring back My ways of healing deep in the soul.
Evil men will still blame them and call them all kinds of disgusting names.
But no one will be able to deny My power in them because they will do it out of love and not for profit.
No bribery shall be able to corrupt their minds and actions.
I will keep a remnant of faithful righteous ones as I did in the days of Noach.

Hold on My beloved children.
Not much longer and you will see the shaking the quaking with fire sparkling of all things.
High places will crumble and the mountains of lies shall slip.
A landslide will tear down the houses of arrogance that are built on high mountains of pride – a pride that does not want to know Me.
Soon, yes, very soon it will come, in a moment you don’t expect.
A moment in history where all things will change – suddenly.

End of Prophecy:

Daniel 12:4
Ecclesiastes 5:9, 1 Timothy 6:10, 2 Timothy 3:2,
Matthew 24:37-38, Luke 17:26, 1 Peter 3:20
Daniel 4:1-34
Proverbs 16:18, Ezekiel 30:6

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