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Word 2022-09-20 war in heaven and earth, last generation

Prophetic word, given 2022-09-20 around 8 o’clock in the morning

When you read or listen to the words, make sure you distinguish between a prophecy and my personal opinion.
It is shown clearly in the video and the transcript when the prophecy starts and when it ends.
All the rest around is decoration, information or interpretation and on that I can miss the target here and there.

For deeper understanding ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom and insight in small and big things.

Beginning of Prophecy:

Rumbling, crumbling, and sin eats the brain of humanity and society.
Fire in the sky, fire in the streets.
The heavenly battle is raging, so the battles on earth.
Done in heaven done on earth as a reflecting mirror.
Light against darkness.
Darkness in the hearts of men is increasing as the lights of the righteous is getting brighter

The truth and joy of Torah is not just bla-bla-bla.
It’s life abundant as like borders along the dangerous path over edges on a mountain of righteousness.
What you will remove can cause yourself and others to walk outside the protective area.

If you believe and think and teach, it is done away you will be very lucky if you make it to the door of the ark and the gate to the garden.
It’s not theology or doctrines delivered from the scribes and pharisees.

Don’t think as you are living in the age of grace that you don’t need My Torah anymore.
Many live in Torah today without knowing a single letter thereof, because I can write it into everyone’s hearts.
And I will do so for those who ask.
There is no place for sin in Torah, nor is there any place for sin in grace.

There is no difference how I will judge those who loved Me long before you.
My judgment is righteous and will never change.
My love, grace, mercy and long suffering was always there for every person.
The only thing that changes was the constant flow of animals blood that got replaced once and for all by My precious blood to wash away the sins of this world.
And even that is nothing new as Avraham saw the cross and how My blood one day was shed.
When in trust and obedience he gave up his whole future of the promise back to me, that I gave him.
His love for me was so great that he didn’t spare his own promised son.
A mirror of life and love, a reflection of what I have done in love for you.

You look into this world and think, asking yourself:
Where is all of this (madness) heading to?
It is no further than to head into the last chapter of human history.
This last generation will not pass away before all letters of the scrolls are going to be fulfilled.
The first generation of the children of Israel died in the wilderness, and the last generation entered the promised land.
And this last generation now will see the miracle to enter into the promised land, the place I have prepared for those who love me with all their hearts, minds and strength.

The cup of sin is filled full so all the final judgment bowls of My wrath are now to be poured out upon wickedness.
Soon, people will need a lot more and more of fasting to be able to squeeze into the closing door of My salvation, into the ark that will bring them to My father in heaven.
Fat comfortable lifestyle bellies will not make it through the narrow gate much longer.
It will be like a workout of salvation and will not stop at the door.

The fight against powers of darkness will also increase.
Make sure, you are fully equipped with the priestly garments of righteousness.
You are not to called to wrestle like a roman soldier on the battlefield like a madman.
You are called to fight like a priest in sanctified robes, garlands of beauty and not in ashes of insanity.
Don’t defile your body with anything of this world as your body shall be a holy temple.
A temple, purified and decorated in holiness and not like a dirty soldier who abuse little children or slaughter orphans and widows.
The only sword your hands shall touch is My word.
Your daily sacrifices shall not be innocent hearts but deeds of love and mercy.
No weapon formed against true righteousness will be able to prosper anymore.
There will be an outpouring of holiness like never before while darkness and wickedness will increase to a self destructive level.
A spirit of delusion will cause them blindness and so they will not be able to see the light anymore.

End of prophecy.

Matthew 6:10
Revelation 12:7
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Philippians 2:12
Matthew 26:28, John 1:29
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