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Word 2022-09-14 Fauchi, lies, truth and blood

Prophetic Word, given on 2022/09/14 around 9pm

Especially for the metaphors ask the Holy Spirit to give you deeper insight in the meaning.
Also read the scriptures to find deeper understanding in connection to this word.

Beginning of prophecy:

Fauchi how is he telling the truth?
Oh yes, the truth according to modern updated science.
And old science you may ask.
Not much different.
Hypothetical theories, mingled with illusions and thoughts of the knowledge-religion.
This is the knowledge that came from the tree in the middle of the garden.
If he (Fauchi) would look into My word, he would realize what a liar he is.
Deceived by his master, the father of all lies.

Darkness is abundant, light is rare.
The light of My word is in many places placed under the bushel.
Under the truth of all the many lies.

Where is the blood, where is the blood I hear people crying and shouting from 2 very opposite directions.
The one side are the ones who try to explain My blood.
But loaded with theories and theology, their doctrines created a lot of blood clots.

My blood once were flowing with one heartbeat through the entire body (of My disciples).
Generation and generations have passed by and many heart-like hearts have been created.
Their creators were extroverted villains and the giants in the front row of the church with very sophisticated skills in speech.
Members of the body separated more and more.
Disconnected from each other, divided in inferior division by decision.

Instead to come to Me and being joined together again as one body in Me, each single member became even divided in itself.
Where shall the blood flow, how can it flow?
How can one heart reach many different dismembered Members of one body?
It’s simply impossible.
We just create more new hearts they say.
How they achieved it has become a philosophical doctrine.

When do you learn oh My people that a body can only be functional as One, with one mind, soul and body and all members at their destined place.
Have I not warned you in detail through My servant (Shaul)?
And now look, how hands/fingers lead people astray because they think they have eyes to see.
Or these feet who are called to walk My body in My ways, act like a mouth and try to teach teachings.
Instead to walk in My righteous ways like Avraham, they walk in their own ways carrying the body towards the wide road that leads to destruction.

If all members of My body would take their destined position, their unity would make the enemy tremble and flee.
Cry to Me with one voice like the children Israel in Egypt and not in a confusing yelling with millions of different opinion-sounds.
If you will cry out like them, you would see the My Holy fire and blood over the waters of Egypt.

But on the other hand, there in the camp of the wicked people, they cry as a United Nation for blood and more blood and an endless flow of blood as they have been asked from their master.
From the blood of the innocent and unborn up to the blood of the oldest.
Look, how the sweet tears have become bitter like a certain scroll.
But yes, My blood again will flood their land.
They will reap what they have been sown.
Rivers, lakes and all vessels of water will become blood, red as their daily sacrifices.
In one day their requests for more blood will be answered.
Their witches and warlords will explain it all away with their sorceries and lies.
And by this, more people will run into their ever increasing deceptions, until the frogs will cover the land of the boiling pot.

Plundering, riots, screaming roads, the whole pot will boil in one accord until lies (lice) with swarms of drones
will fill the sky and fly all over the pot in order to chase their animals into the boils of the whirlwind with hail and fire.
All green and colored soil that is left will be eaten until deep darkness covers the pot of the plot.

My body, My bride, do you want to join the foolish virgin frogs or do you want to obey My voice and turn away from worldly games?
Don’t think, righteousness comes by politics and kings in selfish robes.
If your righteousness don’t exceed the righteousness of the pharisees,
by no means you shall enter the kingdom of Elohim.

I showed you the way and you know THE way.
The blood on the cross is all you need.
Cry for that blood of holy communion in unity.
Cry for the blood and the One who poured it out for you, to make you righteous and to become righteous as Noach.

He understood how the wood had to be nailed together to become an ark.
The ark of your salvation is no further away than your knees.
Get down before Me in thanksgiving and you will see the land of the living.
My blood that ran down the tree is sufficient enough as is My grace.
No other blood have the power to break the curse of sin and death.

Trust and obey My word, so My blood can wash your sins away and carry you as an ark through this times of Noach that is upon the world.
The end is near, do not fear for I am with you until the ends of the days when I will take you home.
Your redemption is nigh.
The fear of Me will give you all wisdom that is greater than your own understanding.

Rest in Me in times of troubles for there is nothing in Me that is impossible.
One word out of My mouth is enough.
Enough to defeat your enemies and heal all your diseases.
I am at the door to deliver.
I Am the Alef and the Tav, the beginning and the end and beside Me there is no other who is able to save in love.
Salvation of men will lead to destruction.
My salvation to eternal life.

Liars like Fauchi and many more who only know the truth of the scientific tree of good and evil with roots upside down, connected to the love of money.
That tree will not be in the garden of My truth after I have created a new heaven and a new earth.
For ever and ever there will be only righteousness, peace and joy in My Holy Spirit.
My love will be visible like light in deep darkness.
And as there will be no more darkness (in heaven), love will just be everywhere.

End of prophecy.

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