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Word 2022-09-03 Creator, Church and Nations

Prophetic Word, given on 2022-09-03 around 1:00am at night

– It came in a very unusual way as I could not sleep for hours and wondering what is going on until this word arrived

– Please ask the Holy Spirit to unpack for you the metaphorical, symbolic elements or somehow coded phrases so you will not misunderstand.

– With the Nations mentioned it does not speak about the geographical borders, but the people or leader inside these countries.

Beginning of Prophecy:

Created in the Image of Elohim…
But men thinks he can lift himself above his creator.
Oh what fools.
They even don’t know anything about (My) creation.
The only thing they create are chaos and destruction.
And the further away from Me, the greater the destruction.
If I would leave them completely alone, this world would not last one year.

Most people have turned their backs on Me, their creator.
They run after idols who hate Me and dedicate all their energy and effort for no reason against Me and My beloved.
Furiously they act in their delusion driven by delusions of the master for a supposed build back better world.
In desperate desperation they lead many to eternal death.

Oh America,
will you ever turn to Me and the desires of your founding fathers who desired to be One Nation under God?
You publish great pomp and prosperity with your big smile, but forget that I have called you to humble yourselves in trust and obedience in Me.

Oh yes, there are truly those who really love Me with all their hearts.
But most sheep run astray without knowledge and wisdom.
Have you not heard, obedience is better than sacrifice?
But then you say, there is no more such a thing called sacrifice.
This is old and gone, we only have to obey grace.

What do you obey?
Whom do you obey?
Where is your obedience?
You don’t keep even my few commandments.
Instead you obey the deceiver ministry that you name Television.
They tell you a vision of a life without Me, without any respect of your neighbor, whom you shall love as you shall love Me.

Biden, the Hunter of the clown with Obama-glue underground.
WHO gives you the marching sound.
They tell you a vision, but their vision is 100% contrary to My vision I have for you.

Come back to Me and I will give you the vision I had for Adam.
A vision to eat from all trees, except from the two in the center of the garden.
But what happens?
You eat daily from the Tree with the two fruits.
Your master thinks if he feeds your brain with enough of that twisted tree you can mix a liquid together with the power of death, that beats the simple leaves from the tree of life.

I gave Adam the vision to be fruitful and multiply.
How can you be fruitful if you follow a planned parental fruitfulness?
How can you be fruitful if you dedicate and sacrifice your children to Moloch, Jezebel and Behemot?
You let them play with Leviathan and tell them, he is a cute friendly guy.
You yourself, lay your hands on him and remember the battle.
Never again you will do it!
But you think that’s okay for your children?
He drags them like a green rainbow colored queen straight into the pit of hell without escape.
So much you truly love, but your heart is far away.

Over and over you claim and proclaim you want to see My Glory.
Get first your house in order.
Turn off all your deceiving devices and open your eyes around you.
In your focus on politics, economy, green colored fantasy, big tech and all their wicked games, the money driven professional publishing liars on the strings of greedy banks and the needle pushing Mafia including all the cluster of delusionary hooks, and even more, the restless string-pullers from the underground, you have forgotten the most important things:
My Word, as it is written and not translated, transliterated or interpreted by smilies behind fancy pulpits.

Come to Me in righteous fear with a humble heart so I can give you a true vision of pure love and talk to you if necessary in a similar intimate way as I spoke with Moshe.
Do you know how to focus on the orphans, homeless, widows and the poor?
No, that’s not popular as it was not popular during the time when I came in the flesh and walked through synagogues.

What I heard back then and what I still hear (today) is the same sentence, saying:
″Oh, let the nobles come and sit here in the front and the VIP even on the elevated platform″.
But please, you say, hide the poor and filthy dressed in the back, way back, or better outside, not to offend any eye of our stone thrower ministry in this holy glasshouse.
Disfigured unclean members of animals have to be cast outside the city according to the law″.

You hypocrites, I will look precisely at your face when they come into your court with their old worn-out clothes, covered with dirt and stinky filth scattered all over.
Even more when their soul is loaded with sin and they cry with silent words for relief from the pain of the tormentor.
I will look very thoroughly what you will do with and to them.

And have I not given My Shabat for Adam to rest and be blessed on each and every seventh day?
Yes, every seventh day!
How can you claim it is only for the Jews?
And even if it were so, then how did the branch that I carefully grafted in, has unplugged itself and jumped to another tree that is not of my Garden.
Yet it was not enough that you shall not eat of the trees in the center, but some have grafted themselves into the tree of Knowledge of good and evil.
And they feel so comfortable, spreading their branches far and wide, planting more trees with big double tongue fruits.
Fruits that are not of My Spirit but bring offspring of all evil deep from their money loving roots.

If you would even rest on any seventh day it could be a favor to you, but you sell and buy day in day out and work more crazy as any little ant.
And in this 24/7 behavior you kindle every day a fire with your hands and lips.
I created the day of rest to be a blessing for men and not men to be a blessing for a day.
But how can I bless you when you never rest, even not one day a month.
Yes, you may rest sometimes on pagan appointed festivals that worships idolatry or while you’re on vacation.
But there you go shopping and hopping from vanity to fornication with worldly pleasures to enjoy things that are not enjoyable for Me.

Righteousness and justice is the foundation of My throne and down below is the earth as My footstool.
Don’t be surprised, when you and everything around you start to tremble as soon as my feet are moving.
Yes, more and more my feet are getting nervous with my heart in expectation of My fathers call to stand up to take My bride.
All will tremble when I will shift Nations into fear.
The devil also already trembles because he knows his time will shortly come to a halt for a thousand years.

My hand is laid on the plow and I don’t look back the same way as most of you do.
Yes, I see all the crooked lines you plowed in vain from past to future.
But so many have only plowed loops.
Loops of traditions, loops of ministry, loops of vanity and insanity, loops of nothing.
How few have been plowing a relative straight line, for the sower to come and cast his seed into the hearts of men.
So many laborers are irritated when they harvest along the loops.

They come to the end of the first circle and then, on the way the second and third time, they come to Me, asking and questioning their calling and purpose for this nonsense with their talents I have given them.
No, they can’t see the loops especially the big ones because I have given them only a focus on souls along their daily walk.
Most of them even don’t know who plowed the line.
They ask, how can it be that after a while that all fruit is gone and only trodden down terrain with soil that’s hard as rocks where no living water can soften anything.
And it get’s harder and harder as they move forward from loop to loop.
As they look around some realize it looks like to them they have been there somehow before, but don’t understand why.
And yes, it is, they try to harvest the loops the loopy plower’s have left for them.
So much soil around, the sowers never touched because the plower’s did not labor and tilled the ground the way I told them to do.
Many birds around who joyfully picked up the seeds from the rocky soil.
Time is only for one more harvest before the fields will be burned like the fields of Sodom and Gomorrah and never can bring any fruits anymore.

If you look back, you will miss the boat that is waiting for you to bring you forward.
The future is created to be endless, the past is past in timelessness like a dream that faded away.
Yet your time is in My hand.
I know the numbers of hair on your head, and I know what I have planted inside you.

Take My blood and release the blessing and calling for your life.
Without Me you can only run around in loops.
The hamster wheel sits without escape in midst the circus arena of this world, a world that is passing away.
It spins faster and faster until everyone can only get dizzy.
No politics and no show-master are able to bring you out of that wheel.
The only escape is in Me.

Germany, your ship is about to sink.
Your sin overloaded your truck, the axles are cracking.
Your drivers are careless, ruthless and merciless.
No they are not your leaders you voted for.
They are only instructed drivers, replaceable if they don’t work as expected.
Merkel was a very faithful driver, yet her ball-bearings stared to squeak.
But with an extraordinary precision she brought you near the edge of a high cliff.

You still could make an u-turn, but what are you doing?
You shovel coals into evil flames, thinking, this will erase the fire.
The Teddy and the Bear could work very well together to be a joy for your children and children’s children.
But no, you don’t care about your children when Uncle Sam wants you to rip those two pieces apart.
You treat your children like Nero did against My children.
Repent now, or else deep darkness will cover your land, a darkness you’ve never experienced before.

France, you could be a magnet of culture and variety.
But by your disobedience to My word you invited hypocrites to rule and reign.
Pedophiles and wolfs in sheep clothing.
Not that they are legally elected but I let it happen as I let it happen in America already several times.
Yet you don’t seek Me for counsel, nor My truth and loving kindness.
If you would turn from your pride, arrogance and selfishness and come to Me, you could become like a favorable woman where every man would love to have as a wife.

England, I remember times when My Spirit enjoyed to dwell within you.
But as you turned over time and times again further and further away from Me and My truth, I have given you comedians to rule your nation with bribery and evil hand shakes.
No, not one is honest.
They are all in bed with hypocrites who don’t care at all for the people of this nation.

They sit in the cabaret only for the purpose to fill their own pockets.
Bidding and playing like in a casino back and forth as the golden tokens are moving around.
They don’t care about anything but only for their own welfare.

Yet you oh people of England…
You point your finger against them and blame every trouble and everything else on them.
Yes, from a human perspective you might be absolutely right.
But you are watching from the wrong viewpoint.
You have gone astray and left Me and not remain in My presence day and night.

So you don’t need to wonder or complain when your leaders don’t care about Me.
They only reflect your spirituality.
And this is disconnected from My spirit.
Come back to Me and ask for forgiveness for your ignorance and I will remove those in your political Punch and Judy show and replace them with great faithful leaders like Gideon or Josiah.
It’s up to you.
In Sodom and Gomorrah I could not find even a hand full of righteous to spare them all from destruction.

Behold I will rock Japan to open their eyes to their creator.
It shall break their man-made foundation of philosophy.

A glasshouse of an intellectual design will face a bag with 5 stones in the sling.

Native Americans shall dance.
Some on hot coals, others on bungee ropes.
They shall remember their inheritance but also know their true creator.
Not a creator of illusory spirituality, connected to cosmology and Astrology but the creator of all things and truth.

Slowly I will lift the veil of the Yehudeans.
Not only those in Israel, but also those in exile.
Little by little they shall see and remember their Mashiach of who He truly is.
And I will prepare them to weep and mourn over the one whom they have pierced.

A day for a night and a night for a day.
Look at the moon and the stars.
And as the sun/son appears with a sound, a blast from the heavens.
You shall know that I love you as a mother loves her child.
As I gave birth to you in one day, I will also not abandon you.
Though your leaders have forsaken Me, I will never leave nor forsake you, until I will make Yerushalayim a praise again.
And the nations will hear the sound of the trumpet again from Mount Zion to declare the appointed feasts of YHWH.

Stay calm and know that I am with you.
Don’t go out to battle unless I tell you.
Too often you have done it and suffered the consequences.
You children paid the price.
Know this, that I paid the price in full for you.
So why do you sacrifice your children, thinking this will save your future.
Not much longer will I allow it to happen in midst of your house.
You are called to be a set apart people.

End of prophecy:

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