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Word 2022-08-28 Suddenly, Surprises and Trump

Prophetic Word, given on 2022-08-28 around 9:30pm

Please ask the Holy Spirit prayerfully to lead and guide you through this word.

Beginning of Prophecy:

The suddenly of the suddenlies with the sudden death of the sudden lies.
People are waiting for Trump to suddenly return as president of the Divided States of America.
Do they expect him to suddenly stand up and say sorry for what he did and what he didn’t do?
Or what he said and didn’t say or what he should have said?
Some yes, but generally, not really…

You only seek for America to become great again.
Great in sin, great in wickedness, the great hegemon, a great harlot.
Great revivals you expect suddenly to come out of the blue.
And yes, some will come, but will great repentance also arrive?
Yes, some, but generally, not really…

The sudden wealth transfer, yes, all cry for it.
For what?
To boast?
Thinking this will give glory to Me?

What are you with all riches of this world but if there is no love within you?
Though even if you would give everything away, without pure innocent love you are nothing.
Seek Me first and My kingdom, I am the only source of real love and life.
I can give everything I want to whomever is pleasing to fulfill my purpose.

You think, Trump will suddenly turn America into one great nation under God?
Before that can happen, first of all, all of you have to cast away all your false gods, or else you can only be a nation under many gods.
But there is only One Elohim and beside Me there is no other.
Will you still keep the others and then, like Israel did over and over again, to turn away from Me?

Lowly places deep inside men’s hearts are rare.
You expect rather a political change than Me to change suddenly your heart.
Yes, there is a remnant with a divine sudden expectation of transformation.
I will seal them to be Mine forever and ever and they will experience one day the suddenly.
Do you know how suddenly I am able to come into men’s hearts?
Yes, some do, but generally not really…

And not only that, but in a sudden moment, most people will realize they have not been ready and prepared for My suddenly and My arrival.
Suddenly they will find themselves in trouble and trials.
It will feel like the sudden death of their faith.
If I would not pray for them their faith would faint.
Completely, utterly and vanish.

And suddenly, everyone need to make a decision which master to serve.
The political circus with the clown,
or the eternal king with the crown!

Yes, suddenly everything will change and you will stand on a crossroad where you have to decide where to go.
One is a broad road with great glitter, entertainment and a lot of physical refreshments.
On the other side a narrow path through the valley of dry bones, in the wilderness of abandonment for earthly treasures.
There you will pass by many crystallized tears like as rocks, from people who walked before you.
From both roads coming, suddenly all of you will stand before a great gate, where behind it, you will enter My judgment seat.
There, you will know suddenly if you are a sheep or a goat.
Yet the direction I will send you is not a sudden surprise.
I’ve told all mankind long ago where the sheep will go, and how and where the end of the goats will be.
You will have no sudden excuse of why you have rejected My call for you to come to Me.
The only suddenly for the goats will be the realization of real reality.
And this is the reality of eternal punishment that was originally prepared for the devil and his angels, where I never intended for any human to go.

But My sheep on the other side will experience a lot of suddenlies without any lies.
One surprise of reality after the other.
One greater than the other, like as One great nation under My Father in Heaven.
And suddenly you will realize My real love is greater than anything you could ever imagine.
Yet greater surprises will follow and it will never end.

Yes, there will be unexpected surprises.
People will be there you have not expected and others will not be here where you thought to be sure they will be.
But there will be things that is no sudden surprise,
I have told mankind long ago.
There will be no more sin, no more pain, no more suffering and no more tears as I will wipe (wash) them all away.
All the rocks of crystals from the narrow path will be collected, to be for beautiful decorations and ornaments on the homes of all the people, who walked there and shed their tears along the way.

Many will be surprised when I remove or add the same measure of how much they have added or removed of My word.
Suddenly they will be surprised how their house of church will fall apart like cards of iron mingled with clay
that is built on sand.
When the wind of My spirit will blow in these latter days as spoken, a surprise it will be for many.

Wait for the sudden surprise is to wait for Me.
Suddenly I will create a new thing.
It will be no surprise for those who know Me, love Me and therefor keep My commandments, because they know My words.
And My words are true and Amen.

End of Prophecy

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