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Word 2022-08-12 Worship in Spirit and Truth

Prophetic Word 2022-08-12 around 15:30h while swimming and the reminder of it came later around 20:00h during worship with the rest

Pay attention that some in this prophecy is figuratively or metaphorical.
So make sure to ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through it all.

Beginning of Prophecy

Worship in churches I hear…
No, I don’t hear worship.
Some have nice music, some with a touch of professional musicians skills or high intentions to do so.
Some sound like a disco and some of it I even don’t want to hear at all – sounds like a… it’s like a sound of music from hell’s speakers, inspired by copying the music of the abyss.
Some churches are doing things I don’t understand – they have My word but practice things where I am wondering where do they got those ideas and inspirations from.
I read the signs on buildings; claiming to be a church, but when I look inside, it’s often far away from anything
that is connected to Me.
It might be rather a word to draw the attention to bring people in for the collection box to get filled, to feed dogs and cats and their own stray wallets.
Some others are quiet, even their prayers are silent (I can’t hear anything).
They walk around and sit down, stand up, sit down…
And one who comes in would say: “they might be dead”.

Why do most people in these buildings think they need (musical) instruments for worship?
They name it even worship music, yet when the music stops they float in the air without touching even the edge of My garment.
And then… they start with their daily chatter, the gossip and speculations and expect Me to perform miracles.
Some eyes focusing and staring at things they shall not watch at all.
Thoughts are soaring back and forth.
Minds are processing human concepts and enable emotional tensions where hormones floating out of control.
The ways worldly men in carnal designed uniforms walks, they follow like as blind sheep.

Do you know My ways and My thoughts?
Yes, but no, you only quote them and utter: “they are higher”.
And yes, they are, but no, they are not out of reach.
As the clouds are higher than the ground their rain falls upon so My ways and thoughts.

Sun, moon and stars are looking down on you and wondering about the paths, men are walking since the beginning of creation.
They wonder why men don’t want to acknowledge that I am higher, high above all and everything.
But at the same time I am closer than all and everything.
Sun, moon and stars would get very bored if they would not know how to worship Me.
In watching only human history and his effort to climb up in their own strength over and over and over again…
they might get bored to bloody red death (and one day they will).
War and peace, a smile with a cheese and a lot of grease, causing one after the other disease.
So please obey their police and don’t sneeze even if you freeze in the dead cold breeze or else some pain will suddenly increase to bring you down on your knees. Then your everything they will seize including all your bees and give you no release and freeze you by their expertise.

Nothing new under the sun as people play with sin and think this is great fun.
The clock is ticking, time is passing by, time is running out.
Soon, no more time will be left to turn and repent from wicked ways, before the ancient of days will return in power and glory.

And many churches still sing their old song of theology without oil in their lamps.
Intimidated like a rabbit in front of the fox of the news and all his family.
Running, hiding, shivering from the cold old view of the one who is running rampant and running around like a lion seeking to devour all and everything on his way.
Where is the one, the ones who stand up like King David, the man after My own heart before this uncircumcised Blasphemer named Goliath?

Lift up in worship the rock of your salvation and put it into the sling of holiness.
Lift up the cornerstone that the builder of wickedness and evil have rejected.
Speak to the rock in the wilderness, so the flood of living waters will smash the houses of those who have been built their so-called sustainable future better building on sand.
Place the rock of offense in front of their wobbling tables that will flip their games.
When they try to lift it up, they will be like Ahab and Jezebel, their blood will be licked up and their flesh devoured by the dogs at the walls of their ignorance – and indeed they want this very rock to be removed forever.
Keep the rock in your pocket, the one that is coming out of the blue in a moment they do not expect, to destroy their kingdom that is mingled with iron and clay.

And there is My assembly that once was built on a rock where the gates of hell are not able to prevail over it.
Yet so many, sadly once standing on that rock have left the place where the honey comes from.
And worse, many who jumped off are dancing now in the mud of this world system and follow the beast.

I have called you to worship Me in Spirit and in Truth.
But instead you worship the counterfeit who taught you to believe what worship supposed to be.
But No, this is not worship, but a form of godliness that denies My power.
The Samaritan woman at the well understood My words and immediately actions followed.
And.. what is your worship?

Words without works?
Singing nice sounding phrases without faith.
If you would only trust and obey My words, your eyes would be filled with tears, because of all the signs and wonders that shall follow.
I do these things not for you to become proud as many have been, but to let men know of who I am.
I am full of love and compassion, the One who keep His promises for a thousand generations (for those) who love Me and keep My Mitzvot.

But what are you doing?
You weep over politics that has failed over and over.
The never kept their promises.
But for the souls of the homeless neighbor those you don’t know and for the poor widow and orphan you don’t shed even one single tear.
Yet, there is no greater miracle than this, when a prisoner of hell will be set free from the chains of eternal destruction.
My arms are still wide open for anyone who accepts My free gift of eternal salvation.
Yes, sadly… too many have already signed the decision into their hearts to worship the beast rather than Me.

Now, throw away your instruments of traditions and seek Me and My grace for eternity on your knees.
I will lift you up when you are crushed, no matter how much your heart have been broken.
Worship Me in Spirit and in Truth while standing on the rock of your salvation.
Trust Me that I will finish the good work I have started in you.
Keep My word close to your heart.
It’s not far above you in heaven that you may have to ask someone to get it for you, or across the sea where you wonder, who might be able to bring it to you.
No, it is very near, as your mouth and ear shall listen to My instructions what you shall do.
Keep it, guard it as the most precious jewel in this world, the pearl where you will sell everything to buy it.
It will be healing for you soul, mind and body.

Prove me in this if I am not able to show you My higher thoughts and My higher ways.
I am waiting and longing to hear your worship.
The real worship that pleases My heart.
Not the worship in focus of rhythm and melody with diligently words, but in My Spirit and My Truth.

Bring your requests to Me with thanksgiving and trust that My grace is enough to surpass all your understanding.
My hand is not too small or unable to open the gates of heaven and to save.
My outstretched arm is not too short and weak to chase your enemies away and prepare a table with an overflowing cup of My blood and living waters for you, even before the worst of your enemies.

My bride is going to be ready soon.
And if you let My fire burn down all your own thoughts and crooked ways, then, I will bring My Thoughts and Ways near to you.
Make My words your words, My thoughts your thoughts and My ways your ways.
Then… My mighty hand and outstretched arm will snatch you out before the final trials will hit the entire world.
There is no escape without holiness, there is no escape in hypocrisy.
My promises are true, they are yes and Amen.
Don’t look any further than only on Me, your Savior.
There is no other way.
I am the only one who can bring you home.

End of prophecy.

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