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Word 2022-08-03 Money transfer and Israel

Prophetic word, given 2022-08-03 early morning + evening

A lot of this word was given visually and it is very ugly.
So listen careful and ask the Holy Spirit for details and more understanding, especially to understand to visual parts, that I tried to describe as best as I can.

Beginning of Prophecy:

There are things that last forever.
There are things that last only for a moment.
Men decided to destroy eternity.
Adam was weeping when it was shown him his nakedness.
And today?
Men rejoice with a jubilant shout of their nakedness without shame anymore.

Sin entered this world and took away eternal Glory.
A fruit so beautiful in appearance for the eyes and sweet for the mouth became bitter in the soul.
The ugliness of it’s truth of lies is coming to a close.
The more ugly the more people praise it.
Day in and day out it is shown on every corner.

The poison is deadly for the flesh, but the flesh is never satisfied.
The more sin the more hungry the flesh becomes.
Only My Grace and blood can satisfy the body soul and mind to it’s fullness.

There is a money transfer going on right now and it will continue more with passing days.
Chambers of hell will be full with earthly money that men falsely defined as wealth.
Those who have stolen it from the people and withhold it to the poor and needy have caused the transfer to flow.
The river of wickedness flows continuously and it is growing wider and wider like the road that leads to destruction.

All greedy and unrepentant people will see all their money again and with big eyes they will cheer but for a second.
But before they can see it they will bow their knees before My throne and will hear My final word for them.
After that, they will hear my voice no more and will never be able to repent anymore as they have refused to ask for forgiveness (in this life), as I have given them multiple opportunities.

They will not hear the voices who begged and pleaded for them to repent of their sinful wicked ways and change their minds and ways.
They will not hear anymore the beautiful singing of birds.
Not will they hear the cry for mercy of the children they abused.
No more music, nor any whispering of the wind when he blows gently at the shore to let the ripples give them a calm melody of living waters.

Instead, they will hear all their millions of fellows screaming in pain and agony.
But above all that they will hear their own screaming (the most), when the coins of money will be liquefied by hot fire and be poured down their throat.
Sometimes they will hear demons laughter during the moment when they (the demons) are not getting tormented themselves or are wrestling with other demons about the cups of sulfur, mingled with money.
They will fight for it about who is going to rip off the mouths of the wicked people, and who will pour the liquefied money into the greedy unrepentant humans.
The ones who lost the battle will rip open the mouths wide open with their claws.
As the money is being poured down the throats, their claws also will be in pain as a punishment, for they are the ones who taught the people the love of money and greed.
Over and over it will be repeated and the battles between the demons continues.

Hatred will be tangible like solid clay.
Every now and then HaSatan comes by in suit and tie, perfectly shaved and with his hair trimmed.
He will remind these people about their time on earth how they served him and believed his lies.
They will remember their former days of how they have been blessed with great wealth.
Yet when the devil steals their suitcase of their fiat money, they realize the value of greed.
The words written on that suitcase will remind them of what they should have done with it, to feed the hungry and not their own selfishness.
By a big smoke that scene will be washed away and the next demons will come again and pour liquid money down their throats.

Your days are numbered oh wicked greedy people.
The rocks will not fall upon you as you desire.

The time is about to arrive when all the plagues of Egypt will be around you.
A little time for the harvest, a little time of a short intense war, a little time of peace and safety, before sudden destruction will arrive.

Israel, My little one.
Why have you forsaken Me?
Why have you left Me and followed other gods,
those who can’t speak, hear, smell, taste and see?
Why are you whoring after sorcerers?

You ate again from the tree of knowledge.
And you still admire knowledge above Me.
Was the captivity in Babylon not enough for you?
Why did you return to Egypt?
Are you so happy with Pharaoh or do you enjoy him killing all your babies?

Do you not know that Egypt is not your inheritance?
Oh you corrupt leaders and politicians, when do you remove corruption from your midst the way I commanded you to do?
Will you ever cast off your pride?
You are called to be My chosen but instead to be holy, prostitution became your first commandment.

You trust the strength of your army more than My mighty hand and outstretched arm.
Now as you decided to stay in Egypt and play with Jezebel, the plagues will also fall upon you.
No one will be able to escape, unless you as a whole nation repent in sackcloth and ashes and turn from your wicked ways.
And you leaders shall be in front of all your people, yes publicly to show if you are honest about it or just play the same show as you do now.

A Goshen-protection will be only for a very small remnant.
Those who obey My word and trust that I Am.
All the rest within the borders and even outside your given territory will face the same wrath as the nations.
And there also, those children who are truly grafted into the olive tree from every tongue, tribe and nation will be spared from My wrath.

Count the days, it’s coming.
Not today (human counting), not tomorrow, but very soon.

All books are open before Me.
My eyes scan back and forth all over the face of the earth to see if I can find someone who is righteous.
The bloody cup I drank, but the cup of indignation is full.
It is about to be poured out while My true beloved ones will drink the overflowing cup of My life in the presence their enemies.
They will have a shield of protection by My blood around and everything that belongs to them.

End of Prophetic Word

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