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Word 2022-07-30 Conversation between Yeshua and CERN

Prophetic Word, given on 2022 Month 07, Day 30 around sunset (maybe 7:30pm).

This prophecy is more like a conversation where Yeshua speaks with CERN or better to say it’s players behind the scene.
Also it seems to indicate this conversation includes also some globalist Elites opinions.
So pay attention of who is speaking.
In this writing it is marked

Beginning of the Word:

Hey CERN, what are you doing (there)?

We improve your construction of this world for a sustainable future.
We check how we can take down your ancient pillars that are possibly already completely rusty and rotten.
And then we are going to build back better.
You surely don’t know what 3D printing and Artificial Intelligent design is.

How do you think you will be able to remove the pillars that I placed underneath the earth to hold it in place – that it will not move?
Will you use the same lies and deception as your father the murderer from the beginning, to kill, steal and destroy?

Why shall we explain this to you, how we may accomplish that?
We are not interested to speak with someone who does not understand modern technology.
We are now already far above your ideology of creating.
It is nothing for an old man who is ignorant to learn future science and a 4th industrial technological revolution with technological evolution’s, that is way more advanced than stupid simple biological constructions.

Do you really think and believe you will be able to do anything without My permission.

We don’t need permission from someone who is behind our knowledge.
Our development is better than this creation as we mingled it now with high tech and Nano bots.
With our new super powered shield-breaker, soon we will erase your old fashioned dome and will drag you down from your throne.
And then for peace and safety, replace it with a global protection layer where our friends of the UN and NATO already have it in store in their deep underground facilities.

You may not realize, but we have already put many of these sheep in churches to sleep, those who supposedly serve you.
Just a bit longer and we have them all shoveled under the bushel where we will snip their identity out of their DNA structure, and the blood out of their religiously washed brain.
And above that, we already have the mixture of savior power for eternal life.
In a moment to come the god-particle will be under our complete control and with that, we don’t need your disturbing presence anymore.
This particle will blow you away and we will rule and reign forever.

Tell me, how you want to live forever without my breath?

As we created our modern global communication system, years ago, that everyone loves so much.
From the beginning we are collecting all information that flies into our worldwide web.
We collect all conversations, all things of everything, all information people share with us, even all DNA details we receive from our established health institutions when they type it into the global surveillance system.
But unlike your design of human brains, we, by our machines don’t forget anything.
The Alien Industry made it possible to filter out the information we need to accomplish our plans.
Our big blender mix for us the sweet ear-tickling shake and inject it into the peoples minds so we will own them.
A patent between the lines of the fine print they agree. They agree voluntarily, that gives us the right to do anything we want with anyone and to gain ownership of every person who joins the system.
By all the collection of data we were able to design finally our own system to control not only people but the entire universe.
And we are only a tiny step away from the ultimate success.
Together with our Alien intelligence machines and partners we have total dominion of everything.
We don’t need religion, we don’t need a God, because everything created or modified by us will become gods.

So you are saying, you don’t want or need Me anymore?

Absolutely, and more than that, we never desired to have you around, sticking your nose in all our plans.
We never asked you to interfere in our successful progress of programming creation into our perfect own image.

Okay, if you are serious about your decision, I’ll leave you alone and will no longer knock at your hearts that you will be able to find forgiveness and eternal life in Me.
But you will see how far you will get in your greedy selfishness.
Don’t blame Me, when you fail.

But yes, I already know, one day, you will start to blame and blaspheme Me for all your own created devastating failures.
Then you will say, that this God in heaven caused all our troubles and you will spread it through your propaganda machinery.
You will shout and scream and mock and blaspheme Me when you figure out that without My blood and breath there is no forgiveness and no life – but that’s too late.
Without Me, My mercy and love there is no way to My father in heaven.

Yes, you will accomplish a lot – but one thing you will not be able to do!
All children that are mine, whether you call them sheep or useless eaters.
They will remain Mine and by no means you are able to pluck them out of My hand.
Those, who are sealed by My blood you will not be able to touch anymore the moment when I will lift them up before you.
Soon you won’t see them anymore until the day when I will come back with them for the final battle, where I will cast you into the place that I have not prepared for any human but for the devil and his angels only.
Yet, there you will go as you desire.

I have prepared a place for My children, those who love Me and keep My commandments.
Murderers, fornicators, liars, homosexuals, idolaters, sorcerers, thieves, drunkards, deceivers, blasphemers, slanderes and all those who practice lawlessness will not be with Me.
Soon, yes, very soon you will know.
You will search yet not search for them but be glad they are gone and you will know that you know and know as you know.
With a big smile on your face you will own everything useless of this world but in your hearts you will find only emptiness.
And your voice in my ears will just be a noise of nothingness.
Yes, your decline will go quickly as you don’t understand anything about creation and your own breath is only death.
The bowls of your wickedness that are overflowing before My throne, will be poured out, back on you, very soon, and you wish you’ve never been born.
As Yehuda Scaryota (Judas Iscaiot) sold Me for 30 coins so you already signed the bill.
And the Gates to Paradise will be locked for you.
So tell Me, will you be happy with your final end?

As we found the source to live forever we don’t need your comment and intrusion any longer.
Our future is sustainable, only the slaves will be recycled when they are worn out.
They will serve us for all eternity.

How can you talk about eternity when you don’t have even the slightest concept of what eternity is?

We know more about eternity than anyone and we will proof it to all the world, after we have cast you down from you throne.
The day, all our big machines combined, will be running on full power.
And this will be your final hour and then we will sit on the throne of all.
We are not that retarded as the people who didn’t knew better when they built back then the Tower with bricks and mortar, when they wanted to go up to heaven in unity.
But now our technology of virtual reality will enable us to boost us in a twinkling of an eye into the sky.
There we will travel back and forth and beam our blue helmet army up, right before you.
They will cast you into prison for treason as you deceived the whole world with your religious nonsense.
Then you will be bound in chains for a thousand years.
Afterwards we perform a short execution case against you at the supreme one world court and then, we will reign forever.

Enjoy your eternity in the lake of fire.
I will leave you alone there…
There you will see, what will happen with all your knowledge from the tree you ate, and your diabolic technology and your so-called sustainable future wrapped in green propaganda lies.

Blessed are the poor in Spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.
Blessed are you My children of mercy, grace and righteousness, for you shall be satisfied in My presence forever and ever.
Be holy for I am holy and be pure in heart to see Me.

I am waiting for you My bride;
I am waiting for the moment, My father will say ″now″.
Keep your faith, I am coming and will not delay.
I am coming – yes, I am coming soon, but I am coming in an hour you will not expect.

End of the Word

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