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Word 2022-07-23 You will own nothing… and… Be happy?

Prophetic word, given on 2022/07/23 around 8:45 in the morning

Read/listen carefully, especially to whom this word is addressed when it flips back and forth between two different groups of people.
Please also ask the Holy Spirit in prayer to guide you for deeper insight and understanding.

Beginning of Prophecy:

You will own nothing and… and… and?
And you think you will own everything?
Yes you wicked people, this is your greedy desire and indeed, one day you will own a lot, even more than you desire.
Hundreds of times I have tried to call you, all of you, who are sitting on your man-made thrones, thinking you are higher than Me.
I tried to call you over and over again to repent.
But every time you refused to come to Me, asking for forgiveness.

Your lies have been piling up before My judgment.
Now I will turn your hearts into granite.
Most of you in high places will weep and mourn and cry for the rocks to fall on you.

Yes, My children in this world will own nothing of your useless materialism and be happy.
They will not own even one of your lies.
They will not own one of your (final) torments that will fall upon you – and My children will be very happy.
They will not own one single anything of the devils offers from his double tongue deceptive mindset.

But one thing they will own.
And no matter, what you, oh wicked people are trying to do, to take it away from them,by no means you will succeed.
My true beloved children own Me and it gives them the happiness you are jealous of.
You might be happy with your so-called worldly wealth that you steal from billions of people of this world.
But you will not be able to rob the real wealth that lives inside the hearts of My children.

You may laugh at them with a wide smirk on your faces.
Yet this, your fake mask of joy lasts only for a second.
The moment, your days are fully numbered and expired you have to stand before Me and bow you knees.
There, your smile will turn quickly into a scary panic as you will face The Truth with your teeth starts gnashing.

Yes, also all the ones who support or just follow the orders of tyrannical oppressors, from the smallest to the greatest will face the same.
And then?
And then?
And then…
I tell you, what you will own.

Fire and sulfur on your lying tongue, down your throat into the belly of evil.
Long cactus like thorns and spears for your genitals because of your perversion, rape and fornication.
Worms with more thorns will crawl in and out of your eyes, nose, ears and other openings of your body – and huge snakes size fiery worm-creatures through your belly button.

The sensitivity of your sense will be increased seventy times seven for you rejected to repent and did not forgive your brothers.
The stinky smell of rotten flesh to be permanently in your nose.
The scary view of your demonic tormentors in your eyes, the memories how you treated your neighbor will fall back on you.

The noise of fearful cries of babies begging constantly for mercy, a million voices in the womb you murdered
will be forever that penetrates your ears with the volume like mountains of powerful loudspeakers.
Their blood as a hot fiery acid poured upon your head flowing permanently all the way down to the soles of your feet.
These children wanted to live, but you decided in your wicked heart they shall die.

Now, they live with Me in real joy and peace forever while you will hear them and feel their human pain, you caused them the same way, yet 100 fold intensified for all eternity.

Time is running out for you to repent.

On the other side, My children, who truly love Me and keep My word, obey My commandments will also have their senses intensified.
Restored, like Adam had, back in the garden.
They shall see My holy angels all the time – and even My light in it’s fullness.
No more blurry vision, no more view, no more pain to see of all the lies and disgusting things wicked men commit.

They will smell the sweet aroma of life of My creation.
Flowers and herbs, will be singing a sweet melody, while shedding their beautiful fragrance without limits.
They will never fade nor whither.
And this is not the smell of artificial toxins, you falsely labeled as beauty cosmetics, created in laboratories of destruction with ingredients designed in deep dark chambers with unlabeled drops of diabolic liquids, substances and spiritual leaders.
Nothing in heaven will be mixed anymore by lies and death.

Truth will flow down the tongues and throats, as living waters mingled with My Holy blood that has washed their sins away.
All bitterness that entered by a sweet taste on the tongue shall be reversed in the stomach into joy.

Beauty instead ashes, joy for mourning, the choir of a pleasant melody of people who came to Me the son, before they even could see the light of the sun, moon and the stars that I places in the sky.
There will be no more remembrance of sin anymore.
My children will even not know anymore what sin is – completely washed out of their memory.

And they will own everything I have prepared for them without any jealousy, greed or envy – towards each other…
and all of them will be very, very, very happy!
It will be a happiness beyond human words, knowledge and understanding, far beyond imagination.
Everything in perfect harmony where My love flows through every molecule, eternally.

And for you, oh wicked and unrepentant people?
You will own all the things prepared for the devil and his angels, every pain, misery, torment, stench, grief, fear, darkness, loneliness, hopelessness and every form of death.

Think about it, if you want to let your last chance pass by to repent and not to enter My ark of salvation.
Your time is running out very speedily.
Soon after I shut the door, afterwards, you will see the ark quickly floating away.
Once the ark with My people, with My children, is out of your sight, your house of cards that is built out of thin air will be washed away from your sandy foundation.
Your own pride and selfishness will shake your temple and the two pillars of deception and lies will tumble down.

Look up to the sky and see the rain coming.
The former rain has passed, the latter rain is here.
Pray that you will be found worthy to enter the ark.
Watch the animals.
They know and hear My command when I call for them.
The day is near when you will see them walking towards the ark.

End of Prophecy

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