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Word 2022-07-14 The yellow-blue laundry machine

Prophetic word, given on July 14th 2022 around 8pm

It is quiet metaphorical, though I think most it’s relative clear to recognize what it speaks about.
However, as always for more insight and deeper understanding of details, please ask the Holy Spirit.

Though there are many gas stations and tanks, the word Station and Tank in this prophecy as singular is actually correct.
It points to the fact that everything is connected together somehow as one big pool of money.
Also wording Yellow-Blue instead of Blue-Yellow is on purpose.

Beginning of Prophecy:

And there at the ″Station″ the pump is pumping gas into the tank.
There is flows deep into underground chambers to get diverted into the yellow-blue laundry machine.
While more and more people empty their wallets at the ″Station″ with the pumps,
the ingredients thereof let the laundry keep on spinning around and around and around and around.
The longer the machine runs, the more laundry can be washed for the gas that flows up the hill.
From the valley of dry bones up to the mountain where Caviar, bubbles and fillet fill the fat bellies of corruption.

Receiving into believing the laundry is for a nation
from a ″Station″,

but no,
it is a show.

Nothing, absolutely nothing for the poor,
the needy and the old will be placed outside the door.

Their laundry will fly away with the gusts of the disgust at the windy ridge,
nothing left for those under the bridge.

No, this world don’t know what mercy is.

But as the machine is increasingly spinning faster and faster, no-one pays attention on the ball bearings (of the machine).
They are already glowing bright hot red, awaiting their sudden explosion.
And then… they tell us, they will bring us something to eat of their monkey meat business.

Another chess move is coming to bring down their last cover up, before the exposure of all things will be seen in the light.
Let the power be poured down upon you and do not quench the Holy Spirit.

The world talks about inflation but don’t know what (truly) is to come.
Most people don’t realize since decades the inflation of sin exponentially rising up – high and higher as the tower of Babel.
It already touch the ceiling of the sky, trying to break through to carry dark evil smoke into My holy presence before My throne.
Nay, nay, they will not succeed.
But indeed, their deeds are already collected into My bowls of wrath, ready to be poured out.

Invasion of demons as they opened the portals.
Who sees?
The people with eyes to see.
And the blind?
They will (continue) to watch the yellow-blue eye of the laundry machine spinning around like sitting in front of a TV, holding the remote in their hands, painted with stars and stripes.
Doom and gloom, boom and zoom.
What they receive are illusions on all channels.
Truth, Light and love you only receive from the word out of My mouth, where there is no corruption.

I am constantly knock at the door of the hearts of all men, those on the road to destruction.
Blind and deaf, no ears to hear the cry of My heart, that I can rescue their souls before the burning balls of the ball bearings will rain down upon them and swallow them all up.
Too late, too late one day I will say.

The people around the ark laughed and mocked righteous Noach, even as the first raindrops reached the ground.
So today in these days people also continue to mock and blame everything on Me and My beloved children, while they drown deeper and deeper in their own sin.

You know what hell is like?
No, you don’t know; As the Glory of Heaven is beyond human words, so the place that was originally prepared
for the devil and his angels.
The worst, most painful and disgusting place here on earth is a joyful children birthday party compared to hell.
One day, you will know if you reject My warning to repent, deny yourself pick up your staff and follow Me.

Come My children, prepare yourself in Me, for things will occur, you’ve never seen before.
Miracles, signs and wonders, trickery, lies and deception beyond measure.
Don’t be deceived because the devil roams around and seeks to devour everything.
There is only one place that is safe, and this is in Me, under the shelter of My wings – covered in My blood.
Stay there until I will lift up My wings and bring you home.

End of prophecy.

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