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Word 2022-07-07 Earthquakes increasing, Salvation

Prophetic Word, given on July 7th 2022 around 10pm during prayer.

Please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word and to give you more understanding, especially with the metaphors, and also how to respond.

There is one sentence of myself where I responded to a question, marked here in italic and color green.

Beginning of Prophecy

Earthquake, earthquake, earthquake
More, more, more than ever before

Salvation, salvation and salvation
For this last generation

The last and final call
Not only for some, but for all

Look into the sky: What do you see?

(My response as I looked outside at night):
Some stars and the moon (half moon) and a few (light) clouds.

And then Yeshua continued:
Yes, you have seen right, and I placed them there until the day when the moon will be covered in a mantle of blood and the stars will fall down.

The clouds are the dust of My feet, but also, there are clouds, created by men.
I decided to let them create it (through manipulation) and gave permission for them to succeed.
Will it give rain?
Yes, but not the (same) rain that waters the ground (as My rain) but a rain, that wash their lies away that are all built on sand.
Quicksand, quick, quick, quickly they will tumble.

My words will not return void.
But the words of them who play with My creation will bounce back and forth into all directions… until the noise (of it) reaches My throne.
From there I will send it back with a letter to repent.
If they send the letter back in repentance, then I will send the rain that will water their hearts.
And on that water the Ark will come and pick their souls up to rescue them away from the eternal fire.

But if they don’t send it back, or even toss or burn it, then, I will return to them the same way and I will listen to them no more.
Only one more chance I will give them.
The final last call to repent.

And a Tsunami?
No, not at all.
You have to find a new word for what is to come.
Creation groans under the weight of sin.
It vomits out the blood of sacrifices seen by all men.
And you will see it soon.

Don’t be afraid, but stay close to Me.

Protests protesting, Riots rioting, Looters looting.
But for you My children, let you prayers pray and lift your hands up to heaven, to Me, as I am sitting on the throne.
I look upon all men a different way as the wicked with their evil drone.

It’s about to shake – the shaking will shake like pudding riding on a bumpy road.
Now comes the season of shaking and confusion.
Rumbling and crumbling of all things.
The new normal will be way more abnormal than the old perverted normal has ever been.
A combination of the times of Noach with Sodom and Gomorrah, and worse.

Yet both times righteous people have been living there in midst corruption.
Set apart under the shelter of My wings.
So today there are still righteous people in midst a perverted society.

My words remain and I have foretold everything that needs to come.
Many have not believed, but here we are.
What My prophets have told you, now you see in front of your eyes, unfolding.
And in a twinkling of an eye, all things will change.

End of Prophecy.

Joel 2:31, Acts 2:20, Revelation 6:12-17
Nahum 1:3
Isaiah 55:10-11
Matthew 7:24-26
Romans 8:22

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