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Word 2022-06-20 Can you see the wind?

Prophetic Word, given on 2022-06-20 22:10 (during prayer)

Please ask the Holy Spirit to give you the fullness of the understanding.

Beginning of Prophecy:

Do you see the wind?
Can you see the wind?
Why don’t you not open your eyes?

Science say you can’t see the wind,
Yes, with your natural eyes you can’t see.
Without Me you are totally blind.
What the world is, is not what you think it is.

Deception is greater, as for a fish
to build your house or an elephant to repair your computer.
You see through a lens of (human) time with a tunnel vision.
I see above.

Have you heard the prophets of old before Avraham and Noach?
They tell the story of My glory how I created heaven and earth in detail.
Yet their books have been stolen or burned.
But My word pierce through the fire and the wind flares it up to the sun.

People waste time with things that last not even a second.
They gain wealth in vain.
The more they eat and eat the more they become hungry.
Playing games in virtual reality as they don’t know what true reality is.
There exist only true reality which is with and in Me.
Without Me there is no reality, there is no nothing.
But yes it is (real and false reality) and both last forever.

Fallen, fallen is Babylon, see it’s decline in one hour.
At the hour I have set if men does not repent.
How many do repent?
More than you know, (but) less that I would love to see.

Hard are the hearts of many (already).
Most (people) look upon the lies of this world.
And you stare at them, thinking, by your prayers all the lies will go away.
Do you know where the wind comes and where it goes?
So much you know about the lies.

They come, born in deep dark chambers.
Conceived from his father in the hearts of men.
And when they give birth a baby grows into full stature.
But before they die, they give birth to more children, more evil as themselves.
And then, they go back and forth, trying to conquer what they can conquer.

Call My wind to come and blow.
You don’t need to know where he comes from and where he goes, just like a man who is born of the spirit.
I know where they are going.
I see them all, but soon, wicked men will see them no more.

End of Prophecy

John 3:3-8
Isaiah 21:9, Revelation 14:8, 18:2
John 8:44
Matthew 24:22-24, Mark 13:20-22

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