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Word 2022-05-11 CERN, the cloning center

Prophetic Word 2022/05/11, originally given on January 31st, now the green light to publish.

Keep in mind, this is a very weird, bizarre word and we possibly will never have a chance to approve if this is true or not, except if the LORD opens the way to be exposed.
And unless it will get revealed it might be labeled as conspiracy.

And as always remember, we prophecy in part; so ask the Holy Spirit to help you in this word as in every prophetic word in understanding and give you wisdom what to do with it.

Beginning of Prophecy:

Do you really know that is going on there?
What they do there is beyond (human) speech.
They clone humans with demons.
It is a chamber of cloning.

That’s why they need so many babies and organs of humans.
A cloning center, where technology meets the devil.
The main reason of CERN is not and was never about particles spinning around.
This is just what they present on the screens where many scientists are deceived and believe.

But from the beginning it was designed and created for cloning.
Immortal human material they try to create.
Time-travel which is nothing but a lie from the devil.
He and his fallen companions know all (human) history and hide between the decks, behind the walls (invisible curtains).
They mix their thoughts with those spinning particles to travel between different dimensions.

Frankenstein was not a Hollywood invention.
Frankenstein was real and is still alive.
And now at CERN?
Unspeakable disgusting creatures they create.
Year after year worse and more evil.

If I would give permission for them to enter the last door into the known human dimension, you would see all Hollywood horror movies unfolding before your very eyes in a real tangible way.
But (unlike the movies) there will be no hero that will conquer them with a mystical magical laser sword or whatever type of weapon.
No, that will be literally hell on earth.

These creatures can’t die like humans.
Yes, they can be wounded and incapacitated for a while but you will not be able to defeat them permanently.
Have you ever heard of Leviathan?
Remember the battle, you won’t do it again.

Yes you do – but can you fight against him as you will fight against a man?
Lay your hands on him and you will know how far you are able to go.
CERN, a conCern for all who don’t walk in righteousness.
(Only) A holy people they can’t destroy because My angels standing, guarding the Holy ones.
Don’t think, this is the end.
They believe they will win, but they don’t know My power and what they know, they deny.

THE Antichrist (the man of perdition) will come one day.
He will come to destroy his own kingdom in his fury.
Regardless of how many (people) will cheer him, don’t be deceived.
The last deception will be deep as the pit of hell.
So many people have been already deceived though they believe they are not.
The whole world is just a big swamp of deception and one lie jumps upon the other.

Wait for My last (next) move.
Not one person in this world get it right.
You have your ways, I have My (higher) ways – You have your thoughts, I have My (higher) thoughts.

End of Prophetic Word

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