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Word 2022-05-07 Time is running out

Prophetic word, given on May the 7th 2022 around 6:30pm

Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the understanding in the metaphorical elements in this prophecy and get wisdom to find the place where the Lord wants you to be and what your part will be in these last hours of human history.

Beginning of Prophecy:

Time is running, time is running out
The clock is ticking…
No, it’s not a digital time, where man has influence for manipulation.
A sand clock where a few grains of sandy human history are left in the glass.
A sun dial during sunset, the dark night is approaching soon.

A night that comes, where time is not visible anymore, even not a hint of a shadow.
Some wish the sun would turn backwards as for King ChezekiYah (Hesekiah).
Yes, the whole world is sick but many desire to go back to the ″old″ normal.
Is My way, My view of normal full with perversion, abortions, war and violence, lies and murder?

Why don’t you you not look with joy for the last grains to drop down, (with) the expectation of the fulfillment of time?
The consummation of all (human) history is at the door and you want to continue to live in the ways of Rehoboam, Jeroboam and Ahab?

Do you want to sun and the moon to stand still for time to suspend another decade?
Are you happy with all the filth and corruption in this world today?
I could do that but I would not want to let My bride to suffer much longer in midst this madness.

Come out of her My people.
Come out of Babylon the whore.
Separate yourself from Jezebel.

Even if you have to hide in a cave for a while.
I will feed you there and you shall drink from the brook of living waters.
3 1/2 decades, years or months.
I have no limits.

Yes, some of the prophets will be send out to call down fire from heaven to slaughter all the Baals priests with My sword.
No, not on or through YouTube or somewhere else on the Beast (system) network, but face to face.
Prepare for the real battle by gaining wisdom in My presence in fear and trembling.

Yes, the devil copies fire
from heaven through technology.
But, am I not able to switch it off if you humble yourself and ask for it from My father in My name?
Is my arm too short that I can’t do way beyond of what you ask or able to imagine.
Ask and see, if you will be able to do greater things of that what I have done when I was with you here on earth (physically).
The devil and his servants can fake healing and perform deliverance but he is not able to give life, life that is eternal.

End of Prophecy

2 Kings 20:1-11
1 Kings 11:43-14:31 (13:33-34)
1 Kings 16
Joshua 10:12-13
Revelation 18:1-24 (4)
1 Kings 17:1-16

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