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Word 2022-04-30 Where is your focus?

Prophetic Word 2022-04-30 10:20 in the morning

Please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this prophecy for deeper understanding and insight in all the meaning.

Beginning of Prophecy

My children, where is your focus?
You spend much time with distractions from the east to the west.
But how much do you look at Me?
I would like to talk with you as a father to his son or daughter.
But you stare all day long at your toy in your hand with plugs in your ear.

Do you not hear Me?
Do you not realize how close I am?
I will leave you alone in your playground the day when My father calls me to go.
Your words, your prayers I hear and collect them in the bowls in heaven.
But I am waiting for your hearts to cry.
The eternal cry that overcomes this world.

Are your toys more important for you than My glory?
I dwell in midst your praise and worship, but not in your toys of distraction and division.
My word brings you together – the chatter of this world, the language of profanity separates you from Me and your brethren.

I have prepared a place and it is finished.
Do you see My tears when I look upon this world and My people?
Sing the song of My beloved and yet, so many bawl in the choir of filth.
Hear the roar of the lion of the tribe of Yehuda (Judah).
I’m at the door.

Wake up, wake up from your sleep of illusion.
The world will change, a change that will be for My glory, when I show the world of who I am.
Yes, many will still not believe, and stick in their old ways.
But so did the wicked before the flood.
The ark was finished and ready to float.

The people around laughed and mocked more and more the closer it came to the final day.
Even when the saw the animals entering the ark, they did not question (anything).
Drunk in drunkenness and perversion, they continued to laugh.
When Noach gave them the last and final warning they hysterically mocked him before I closed the door for them forever.

I have My hand already on the door of the wedding ark.
Ready to send out the call to the ends of the earth.
I came to save and not to condemn.
Lift up your heads for your salvation.
Bow down on your knees for your beloved ones who wallow in the mud of depravity.

My heart is breaking for each and every soul that drowns in the ocean of sin.
The day will come, when the ocean of sin will turn into fire and sulfur as did Sodom and Gomorrah.
No, not the lake of fire (yet) but a life on earth that will feel like hell.
A time for the final separation between the wheat and the chaff.
A season where one day I will cut short.

My children, don’t be afraid, for I am with you til the ends of your days (on this earth).
Wait in expectation of My deliverance and not in fear like the children of Israel when they stood at the sea and Pharaohs army behind them.
Look at the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night.
I am the same yesterday, today and forever.
Trust Me that I will bring you through.

End of Prophecy

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