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Word 2022-04-18 Ancient and modern Prophets…

Prophetic Word received on April the 18th 2022 around 8:20 in the morning

Some of the things in this prophetic word sounds very clear, other things are somehow more metaphorical and coded and some portions seem to be not so clear, since there is some kind of switching in the viewpoint.
But invite the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word for deeper understanding.

Beginning of the Word:

Amazing the things what will be seen.
Prophets of old have not seen (with their eyes) yet believed.
People today see (it) yet don’t believe.
Why shall we believe, they say, of things that has been prophesied by prophets throughout ages?

Can we not be our own prophets?
Come, and let us prophecy good things and override old and bad prophecies.
We bring down the glory of god and prophecy them into existence here on earth.
For ancient prophets saw dim and dark, blurry, doom and gloom, but we today see clear!
Let us turn the tables and blessings to flow.

Thus speak the prophets.
The days shall be prolonged to serve for the church.
All the kingdom in it’s fullness and riches rolling, running into the round – rusty rubles, roaring revivals, we will win the game.
A game they play and people perish for the lack of knowledge and wisdom.

Does anyone seek (to find) the precious pearl?
Do you think it will just roll into your hand without repentance?
Seek Me first and My kingdom and all you need will follow.

I have given mankind time to repent.
Year after year, generation after generation new prophets come, old prophets disappear.
And every generation the message of repentance receive a new update.
Will it ever get finished?

From morning til evening you sit and watch the news-clouds passing by.
If you would turn around and look over your shoulders…
I am standing there since a long time, waiting for you to re-focus on Me.

Things you watch today will be no more tomorrow, but you believe you have something new to share.
Prophets of old looked upon Me and shared their bread (with Me).
What they have done to the least of their brethren they have done unto Me.
In their homes in caves or under the tree they looked upon Me.
Water to drink they prepared for Me and I showed them the living waters crystal clear.

The rain that waters the land (the ground) and My word they fully understood.
What I spoke and what I say today will not return void, back to My throne.

Many prophets today they speak and yell.
If it is Me out of My word surely you can tell.

New voices, innocent true voices I will prepare
for a very short season my secrets to share.

A season to finally prepare my beautiful bride
The day will come so soon when she will be by My side

Look, the horizon as far your eyes can reach
From the top of a mountain or low at an ocean beach

Wait for Me in expectation of glorious magnificent joy
With eyes wide open in front of a precious gift like a little boy

Shaking and breaking, awaking the trumpet.
The sound you will hear so soon.
A spiritual sound with the changing of seasons.
Snow in summer, harvest in winter – can I not change the hearts of men like a potter the clay?

I will call you when it’s time.
20 seconds, 20 minutes, 20 days or weeks.
Your time is in My hand.
Generations coming, generations passing by, but My grace and love will never fade away.

End of the Prophecy.

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