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Word 2022-04-02 Two people many directions

Prophetic Word 2022-04-02 3:20 (it was partially given in German language, but I will not write that down here.)

A couple of infos of other things, words, dreams before the prophecy:
1. The graphic card of the Computer died (somehow not completely but became more or less useless). So there are some things piled up in the pipeline.

2. Right after that I ended up with 5 days of Migraine where the Lord gave me several dreams and words. Yet I was not able to write down any details.

Something I surely want to mention… something very strange during that time.
During these days I had a dream.
I could not remember the subject (sounds crazy yes) but what I remember clearly was, that I received a certain dream repeatedly many times.
Must have been hundreds of times the same dream, over and over.
Every time a very short scene appeared, then I woke up and by the pain of the migraine.
And after I sleep again, the exact same dream came again. Countless times.

Beside that; a lot what Yeshua spoke was actually nothing new, just the same old stuff about the wickedness in this world and how He will deal with the wicked people.

Time is truly running out, this I could get clearly.

No details that I can remember even though there has been some things very clear like almost audible.
But with a blazing head, it just burns too much away to remember.

Here now the prophetic word I received on April the second 2022 at 3:20 at night.

Start of the Prophecy:

Even if two people start to walk their way (journey) at the same time (at one point) it is not said, they will also arrive at the same time.
Neither (even as twins) is it promised they will chose the same destination.
The one might walk towards the west and the other towards the east.
Or on their way, one changes his course to the north and the other towards the south.

Some chose the path of life, others the road to destruction.
Both on their way might continue til the end or both might change their direction on their walk (in midst of their walk).
From time to time I give both some warnings not to follow the path of sin but walk their ways in righteousness.
Some listen and heed to My voice, others don’t.

And if you (are called to) stand there as a road sign or a lighthouse to show them the narrow path
that leads to life, some will still not listen and continue to walk on the wide road that leads to destruction.
Don’t watch after them for a long time, (they made their decision).
There are so many others you might miss while your focus for ages on that one stubborn goat that does not want to listen but runs straight towards the cliffs of Baphomet.

End of Prophecy

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