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Word 2022-04-01 Yeshuas loneliness

Prophetic Word received on April 01. 2022 around 9:15pm

Please ask the Holy Spirit for spiritual discernment and deeper understanding.

Start of Prophecy:

Do you know how lonely I am?
There are billions of people who call or label themselves Christians, but I don’t see them at all before My throne.
I see them week after week walking into certain buildings with stickers at the door or above claiming it to be a church (supposed to be of a relationship with Me).

Do you think I will join anywhere in a religious icy deep frosty environment, where a person behind a pulpit speaks words I don’t understand?
When I look around I see many young and even older men staring after women with the most sexy appearance.
And women who may have missed their way into these buildings have dressed like they were on the way to join a fashion show or a night club to seduce men.

Then there are many millions of people who at least come occasionally to seek My face.
But they are like a wife who speaks with her husband 5 minutes per day.
How you think I feel about that?
Yes, I am always very happy and excited when they (as anyone else) comes to Me.
But here, before I can open My mouth to talk with them, they turn away to their daily worldly business.

Then there is a group of some hundred thousands of people who spend a good amount of time with Me.
Though I clearly understand most of them have their daily duties to get done, to take care for themselves, and their own house (their family), but there is no blending between Me and the other things.

One, two, three hours a day with Me and then in a twinkling of an eye they seem to have a switch (somewhere) to flip where suddenly they turn off the connection with/to Me.
Back and forth between the world and Me with an astounding precision and skill.
You cannot serve two masters they say and so they separate the time with Me from the rest in their unconscious mind.

Look upon these couple of thousands of My beloved saints who spend a similar amount of time with Me with equal circumstances in life with work and family.
And these ones don’t disconnect by switching on and off the connection to Me.
They keep the spiritual connection to Me active.
And therefor the connection sparks like a fireworks, wherever they go and whatever they do.
Yes, occasionally their connection also drops but it never takes them a long time until they are re-connected.
These are the ones whom I count as always before My face and they have me always on their mind.

If you oh men, would constantly think about your wife and her beauty, do you not think, your wife will not feel it when you come home?
She will know if you think about her all the time or about….

And for you oh women is no different whether you also work or stay at home with or without children.
When your (a faithful) husband comes home from work or wherever and your thoughts were all the time about him.
The second he enters the door, he can immediately smell the sweet fragrance in the spiritual realm like the smell of the best food standing on the table and fill the whole house.
But if the wife does not have her husband on her mind when he is away, but instead stare at the pimped up Hollywood boys…
When the husband comes home, his spiritual nose will be penetrated with a smell (a stench) like from a public toilet that has not been cleansed for months.

How much more will I be affected when I see how you spend time with Me.
Yet unlike your spouse, who does not see what you do, when separated for a while (shorter or longer) in different locations, I see your every step all the time and I also look deeper if your love to Me is real or just wrapped inside a religious costume.

You can’t imagine the deep intimate connection Chanoch (Enoch) had with Me.
It was so strong that I could not do anything else but had to take him out of this world to be always with Me forever and ever.
What you think will happen if My bride would have the same passionate love as Chanoch?
Do you think I could let her run through the entire time of tribulation?
Would you do that with your wife (if you would have the possibility to snatch her out of unimaginable wickedness)?

Yes, I am preparing My bride in this hour.
Every day a step closer until the day, when My tears will burst and drop down to earth and wash her out of the filth in one moment.
My tears will pick her up to be with Me.

Yes, there are some (many more) that I have seen as My bride where I would like to prepare but they refuse.
Will I enforce My Mercy upon anyone?
No, all I do is to touch you and plead you to come to Me and receive My everlasting love by grace.
Their tears will also (one day) drop on spoiled soil of repentance.
(And) if (then) they cast off their distrust and in obedience look upon Me, (then) I will bring them through (all coming troubles).

The day approach very fast, when loneliness will not exist (anymore) for My beloved and for Me.

For those who rejected My free gift of salvation…
Those who poured out My precious blood into the drain of neglection…
Those who blasphemed against My Holy Spirit and defiled My Holy Temple…
will experience a loneliness that is not known in this world.
It is far greater, as there is no hope it will ever change, it is without end.

It will last forever for each and every single soul in the lake of fire.
These people will remember every possibility they had in their lifetime here on earth to come and connect to Me.
But no way will be there, to escape from the lies they believed.

End of Prophetic Word

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