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Word 2022-03-26 good & evil, Germany, Australia, repent

Prophetic word, given March 26. around 8:00 in the morning, after a time in prayer.

Because of all the symbolic stuff and the metaphors in this prophecy,
make sure you ask the Holy Spirit to give you deeper understanding into this word.
And … when it says Me, My, I, mine, it’s not the goofball on the couch speaking, but the Lord Yeshua through His Holy Spirit.

Start of Prophecy:

You turned good into evil and evil into good.
How can that be?
When the world does not know anymore that is good, how can they turn anything around
or figure out anything at all of what is what?
Even the church has lost most of the idea of what good is.

They define righteousness according to the loudest voice on the theological round-table but have placed righteous Noach back into the ark and sent him away,far away on the ocean of ignorant and defiled history.
Righteous people like Avraham are just good enough for you to be an example of obedience, but to walk in My ways, has been covered with modern weeds and debris.

The only direction the world turned was from evil to worse and from worse to terrible and from terrible to diabolic.
Then the media declares of what supposed to be good and what to be evil, right or wrong, yet know nothing.
A colorblind (person) explaining all the various beautiful colors of a rainbow gets it hundred times more accurate than they.
And yes, this is what they do.
But they don’t explain My original rainbow because they can’t.
And indeed, they know nothing about it and even deny it but push their disgusting color-theme as THE rainbow.

Even the church can’t truly explain the glory of My reflection in a rainbow.
When the sun (son) shines and the son of righteousness expresses himself in the mirror of the raindrops.
Science will not tell you the truth because they don’t know My word, not Me and not My creation.
The only thing they measure is the darkness of human minds.
And according to that standards they measure everything else.
Look again My children when you see the next rainbow in the sky (and find Me there).

The rainbow of this world instead, is a disgusting tool of the devil to deceive many.
(But) I will give those people one more chance to repent and turn from their destructive paths.
As much as this, I give one more chance to repent for those who, for carnal reasons gave permission for a deadly liquid being injected into their bodies.
They think, it’s not what some people say it is.
But no, it’s worse than that.

When it starts to steal the peoples identity what will be left?
But am I not able to reverse a train when it heads full speed straight into the pit of the eternal fire?
Who are you of men, to think you can constantly blaspheme My Holy Name without having serious consequences?
And those who steal the identity of the people, you think I don’t see?
I have seen each one of you and I have numbered your days.

If you don’t quit immediately now (from your wicked ways) and repent wholeheartedly I will let you walk
together with Pharaohs army into the sea (that is still dry) where the waters of My wrath will soon drown
you eternally in your own sin.
The sins you commit here on earth will follow you forever and ever if you don’t come to Me and ask for forgiveness – as long there is time to repent.

But only confessing with your mouth is not enough.
I see beneath and deep into your heart if your confession is honest or not.
I forgive those who repent in their hearts even if they are not able to find words to confess.
But the hypocrites will be left behind.

The storm is coming and it is already very close.
Windmills will be blown apart and houses (built) on sand washed away.

Listen to the sound of the Shofar (trumpet).
When the trump will sound again and pull the rug, the red carpet of innocent blood from under the feet of the wicked.
It will (all) get exposed, finally after centuries of increasing wickedness.
I can’t watch it any longer.
It will be revealed to the world what has been hidden generations after generations.

But since the media declared it now as good I will show it in a way that will freeze the people to ice.
Yet the ice will melt as never before.
Only the tip of the iceberg you can see now.
Yet, soon as the (modern) Titanic crash into the block (of ice) underneath, it will be heard throughout all nations.

Will the Titanic sink again to hide it all?
No, it will burn and melt the rest of the ice, so everything will be stripped, bare.

Weapons in the sky, triggered by a mysterious hand will start to shoot and some will fall.
Fire from the sky, from heaven, so to say (they say).

Glory I will pour out upon My children, those who trust and obey My voice like Avraham did.
A better sacrifice I already provided for them (for you).
The power of the blood of that sacrifice I s a wall between them and the world (between you and the world).
The same blood (that) was there in Goshen, (in Egypt) when My people Israel obeyed my word (My command).

It’s time for you My bride to prepare your final step.
Eat My bread in haste, hold My staff in your hand, have the belt girded around your waist and the boots on your feet to run.
I will bring you out of Egypt when you will hear cries all over.
Death and violence will increase but you will be safe.

Don’t look back as did Lot’s wife if you want to save your soul.
Is there any profit if you gain the whole world but lose your soul?
Have you ever seen the sky turn red?
Do you think My army will come with flowers in their hair or a green certificate or with pink pillows and rainbow colored costumes?
No, they will come with fire and Glory.
The holy fire and the glory of My saints as the cloud of witnesses

Pelosi, Shumer, Macron, Trudeau… and…and… and … no, there is no Biden, only a clone, an actor.
Putin will melt you if you don’t change.

Another plague in Germany they (the wicked) plan/ desire.
Hitler was not enough.
Sheep that run with open arms into their slaughters knife – sheep asleep.
Wake up, before it’s too late.

Yes, there is a big resistance, but most of them, almost all of them don’t understand the battle is not against flesh and blood but in the spiritual realm.
A nation, so blessed have not heeded to My words, so I will make you bow down to your oppressors and wait,
if you, then, will turn to Me and humble yourself and seek My face so I can heal your land.
If not, your division will divide you and the center of Europe will face a fatal heart attack.

Signs and miracles will be for a small remnant.
A people with a little strength that will hold on to their faith (promise) until I come.

Oh Germany, you would love to rescue the whole world but your own orphans and widows you neglect.
People who built up your land you cast out of their own homes to make room for strangers you invite to destroy your identity and your land.
Yes you wicked leaders, I see you are not interested in the people of your nation.
Only in greed, money and power you are interested.

But that money will rust and the power will burst like a balloon when the man of sin will come on stage.
Then you will be weeping and gnashing your teeth, since that hunger for power have rejected My grace and mercy.
Naked and ashamed you will stand before Me.
Though you did not came into your position by a legitimate democratic vote, as you emphasize so much democracy.
But (all of) you sneaked in by fraud.
Yes, I let it happen.
You abused that power finally for your own eternal destruction.

Australia down under is the saying.
But no, you are not down on the other side but I see you as much as all countries of this world (on the same level).
Miracles I will perform there as well but at the same time also exposure of wickedness.
Bribery, higher than all mountains of this world, hidden, covered by the wicked-media.
A test balloon for the final days.
Very successful they say.

So successful that all police is already with one foot in hell.
I will let them feel for one second, how it will truly feel when they all will be cast one day into the eternal fire.
During that second I will look if one of them repents and turn to Me.
And if so, I will forgive the iniquity of each one who turns to Me.

For clones and robots in human design there is no way for repentance.
But for those who are still human, there is still a chance to repent and remember/ acknowledge that they are created in My image and as well their neighbor, they shall love as they shall love Me with all their heart, mind, soul and strength.
Don’t wait til it’s too late!

End of the word

Genesis 7:1/ 2 Peter 2:5
Romans 4:3; 13/ Galatians 3:6/ James 2:23
Exodus 14
Revelation 18:5
Exodus 12:11-13
Luke 17:22-36
Malachi 3:5
Matthew 6:19-21
Matthew 24:45-51/ Luke 13:24-30

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