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Word 2022-03-18 changes, storms quakes and fire

Prophetic word, given on March 18 2022 around 6:15 during Shabat Worship.

Please Note:
First of all the word is split in two sections.
And it is a very unique word in a different style.
It starts as usual with Yeshua speaking and then after a few sentences it flips into a conversation like of the thoughts or words of men talking or public opinions.
It is marked in the transcript ***.

Also take into account it is very much filled with metaphors.
Let the Holy spirit lead and guide you through this prophecy

Start of the word with ***Yeshua speaking:

In the morning one day you wake up and wonder why.
Why is everything so different?

*** Men (human mind) speaking
Did I not go to sleep in darkness in midst deep muddy darkness?
Have I not been swimming in waves of dust and madness?
And now?
When I open my eyes everything changed.
Was the butterfly not in the cocoon yesterday but today there is (only) this empty shell (left).

*** Yeshua speaking (or men)
The sky turned upside down and (most) people did not realize it (had no clue what’s going on).
They continue to take a bath in witchcraft and wickedness.

*** Men (human mind) speaking
Where is the caterpillar?
I saw him lately on the brain salad yet it seemed he did not like it.
He crawled further to that flower that appeared like a rose but was not – but yes it was, or it was the rose of Sharon, wasn’t it?
Was it something else?

The rose was there and the cocoon is here, how can that be?
Year after year we have been hunting them and were jealous because of their beauty and their colors.
But now… I can’t see butterflies anymore anywhere.
Can anyone tell us where they have been gone?

Scientist are here, try to explain.
(Also question) did they take all the wonderful flowers with them?
How does that work out?

Have you not heard the cry of the (little) children?
No, they did not (really) cry.
The last (noise) we heard (of them) was like a shout of joy.
But how can that be if they got kidnapped by alien invaders?

Our new leader explained it in great detail.
(Yet) we still miss them but (also) try to find an answer for the butterflies – for the missing butterflies.
We look around and have been informed because of (sudden) climate change and polar shift the caterpillars did not turn into butterflies but into snakes and scorpions.
Viral Mutation they name it.
And yes, they are now everywhere.

But thanks for our government that they advised to install everywhere security cameras.
So we can look into the monitor before we go outside if, eventually too many snakes might crawl just in front of the door.
Though these snakes are not typical for the regions.
I heard: Rattle snakes in Alaska, Black Mambas in Scandinavia and furthermore.
All kinds of snakes everywhere.
Luckily we all received the preventive medication in our blood against their poisonous bites.
Even against these new Scorpions with wings.

Thanks to our provident great master for the mandatory care.
Our lives he said is now safe against the bites of all the swarms of snakococorpions.
Someone told us years ago all of it is perfectly organized and it almost appears as such, but we are lucky now without owning anything because we are living in a world of peace and safety – (and we are happy).

But we did miss somehow the butterflies and the flowers.
We did not like them to crawl on the salad in our private gardens when the caterpillars came, but we loved the fresh salad, vegetables and fruits of the trees.
Though we have something to eat always and according to the global health ministration all vitamins and proteins and all other nutrition’s are in their meals they provide for us – yet each of the meal, their taste appears very much similar, yet we can get it in all possible different colors like the ones of the rainbow for example.
Superbug-food it is, boosting our health and control our reproduction without defects.
All of it for sustainable future we can enjoy.

** Yeshua now speaking (til the end):
In a moment, a twinkling of an eye, order out of chaos.
Wait My children in anticipation, I have a surprise for you.
Greater than all inventions of men.
Speculations being made, propaganda spread out about a real big war.

Yes, there are people who desire destruction.
They are the ones who made a pact with the devil and from him they receive their instructions.

False flag operations you ask?
Oh, that’s nothing new under the sun.
Thousands of them have been already performed the past decade.
Syria was packed full with it.
But it will increase, getting worse and will be played out more sinister, subtle and more diabolic.

You believe the game is almost over?
The devil knows his playground will be taken from him, one day for a day (as it’s a thousand years for you).
Dominoes already falling and at the end of the fall there is a big fall when everything will fall in place that has been foretold by My prophets.

Pharaoh was not able to erase My people, so all the pawns of the devil will fail.
I see them all and I see also My beloved ones.
Chanoch (Enoch) I took because He walked with Me.
Lot I snatched out of the city of disgust.
So is this world even worse (than Sodom and Gomorrah).

But I prayed and still pray for you because if not, you would have already been erased, as the devil tries to seize you all.
Now you will see what I will do.
It’s at the door while the eternal door is about to close.

The harvest needs to be rushed in.
And it will be mighty.
Good fruits, fruits of righteousness will be collected in My barn.
Fruits of Hypocrisy and lawlessness on the other side, into the basket of trial and tribulation.

Thanks to all those with willing hearts.
Your rewards are waiting and will not be forgotten.
Your words and actions are recorded in My books in heaven.
Sheep and goats will be separated in the time of the refining fire.

Note !!!
Here was about 1 hour of break for my turn of worship (playing piano and singing)… Then Yeshua continued speaking – maybe a bit different direction.

Where is your praise My children?
You celebrate the mainstream narrative above My word and My truth.
What are you doing?
Do you think you can change everything by that?

Have you not heard of My disciples, those whom I picked away from their fishing nets to become fisher of men.
How did they praise My name when the pawns of this world leaders cast them into prison.
Do you think I was able to close My ears for their praise and not doing anything?
Do you think My angels have forgotten how to snatch My people out of the hands of the enemy?
Or do you think they lost their power of how to rescue My beloved ones?
Did I not promise you to do greater things before I went home to My Father?

And some pray from the left side against the right, and others pray from the right side against the left.
How shall I respond in the middle?
Do you really think I am standing on one side of the political show or on the other side?
Do you not know that neither left nor right has anything to do with politics?
Do you think, the direction or the color makes any difference?
Do you not know that I am neither left or right, red, green or blue but sit on the throne above an reign in righteousness and watch all the movements of foolish men on My footstool?

Lift your hands and praise My name.
Get down on your knees and pray.
Close your eyes and see what I will do.
You can’t see if your eyes are staring at war and politics.

Put eye salve on your eyes and focus on Me.
While you close your eyes for the world and focus on Me, I will open your eyes to let you see the truth.
Freedom you want, freedom it is.
My truth is not of this world – that’s the real freedom.

A storm is coming upon this world.
A storm never seen before.
A shaking to shake what can be shaken.
Fire and smoke (dust and ashes) and a fire by night for My children.
All what can be burned will burn and everything that can’t be burned will come out as gold.
Cleansing, deep cleansing of My Bride.
And it’s almost done.

The fire is about to spread throughout all nations.
Yes, some have hearts like asbestos, others have a wall of greed around.
Many hearts are like stubble – a fingertip full of ashes.
When the heat of the sun (son) comes, nothing will be left.
Others are like chaff that will be blown away by the wind and be seen no more.
Hearts of good soil will bear much fruit.
And the fruit is going to be harvested, ready to fill My barn.

The waiting is almost over.
Be still and know that I am the King (of Kings).
I am not too late.

End of the prophecy.

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