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Word 2022-03-11 difficulty, deception, democracy

Prophetic word, given March the 11th 2022 around 5:45 in the morning.

Please listen careful as a bunch of this word is metaphorical, cryptic or coded, whatever you name it.
Above all that as with every prophecy, ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you for more understanding and discernment.

Start of the Prophecy:

Do you think, things will get easier like back to what it was?
No, because then, people will go back to party and perversion.
I see you (My children), I see your struggles.
Not much longer.
Time will come when My glory will shine upon you.

Hope for the hopeless.
Rest for the restless.
Fire in the sky and beauty for ashes.
Harvest harvesting.
People splitting apart.
Division divided.
Sheep and goats into their destination.

I have been patient and merciful but I will flip the switch.
For those in My barn on My rock, blessings and glory.

The goats… the goats, what shall I do with them?
Let them whore and continue in their abominations like the people in Sodom and Gomorrah?
Is My hand not strong enough and My arm not long enough to show them My ways and who I am?

How I brought My children Israel out of Egypt was a children’s birthday compared to what will come.
Hailstones like footballs, mosquitoes like flying rats.
The Antichrist is very angry that I don’t let him come on stage now.
He would have loved already taken his position.
(But) he must wait just a little bit longer.

The war is not over yet, has even not started.
The peace he will make is not the peace you would think of.
Deception is going so much deeper as you ever have known (and experienced).
Election fraud was not only in the USA.
It has been going on since centuries.

You can cry democracy, democracy (but) when there is none.
Shout (instead) deception, deception and you’re right.
Try to find a rightful elected king by a (real) democratic vote.
I see the votes, I see the truth, I see the results, I see all the fraud.
Don’t be deceived into politics.
(It is) deceivers deceiving deception.

I have My eyes upon them all.
And all their days are numbered.
I (would) have a few kings.

Do you like to have righteous kings as the leaders of your nation?
Then, go down on your knees, humble yourself and ask for forgiveness of your lawlessness and I will grant you a little more time for the harvest in peace.

Pleasures and treasures of this world will not enter My kingdom, because My kingdom, is not of this world.
Or else I would have fought for it or set up voting booths.

Stop listening to worldly music, created by pawns of the devil.
Praise Me in spirit and in truth.
And when you know Me, then you know the truth.
By knowing Me I will set you free.

How do you know Me?
By listening to Me (and looking at Me).
In the news, in the media, and all over the internet almost everything you hear are lies.

If you don’t have the ability to study and understand My word, read it, listen to it.
Am I not able to write My Torah in your heart?
Am I not able to teach you My love and My ways?
Test Me herein if I am not able to open the floodgates of heaven to pour out My wisdom upon you and fill you with my Holy Spirit.

End of prophecy.

Matthew 25:31-33…
John 4:35/ Matthew 13:30
Genesis 19
Psalm 136:12
Matthew 24:24/ Mark 13:22
John 18:36
John 8:31-36
Jeremiah 31:33
Malachi 3:10 (figuratively)
Luke 11.13/ Isaiah 11:2/ Daniel 5:14
Ephesians 1:17

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