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Word 2022-03-09 Closing door, Reaper and Gods house

Prophetic word from March the 9th 2022 at around 3:50am.

The first7-8 sentences are not in the message.
I simply didn’t want to write them down and was somehow not yet fully awake, though they were very clear.

But the first missing passage addressing simply the wicked people where I am somehow tired to write about all the time, since it appears they does not want to change.
If the missing parts are really important they will come up again some day.
The prophecy start to continue with a few sentences about the wicked.

Start of Prophecy:

Oh fools of this world.
When do you hear?
Do you not know that I am merciful and compassionate?
But no, you don’t want to turn.
In ignorance of my mercy you run against Me into your own destruction.
And there you still don’t see and will continue to mock and blaspheme and come against My anointed and against Me.

Listen oh sons of men.
Time is short and will be coming to an end.
You think I don’t see?
I see you all, even those in their deep bunkers where they hide and abuse My children and perform all their (diabolic) rituals, sacrificing children.

I am tired of your fat ears.
One by one will be coming, knocking at My door but I will tell you:
I don’t know you – I don’t know who you are and never knew you, and will not open.
The day will come when you will cry and wish you’ve never been born.

You chose your (evil) ways while I have set My (holy) ways before you.
You follow the father of lies and did all what he commanded you to do.
Xi and all your cabinet (in China) hold over a billion precious souls in hostage (bondage) with evil spirits.
But for yourself think, your orgies will continue forever?
But no, in one day it will be stripped away from you and then you will stand before me naked and ashamed, and I will hand you over to the tormentor.

Listen My children:
The day will come when you will be with Me and no-one will be able to harm you anymore.
The gap of the closing door is even less than a foot wide.
A small fingers space is left until the door is closed.

The harvest is coming and it is coming quickly.
A mighty rushing wind will roar over the entire world for the last (final) call.
Science will not be able to explain what I am about to do.
When people start to fly, but silly (men-built) aircraft’s
are not able to get off the ground.
They will be rolling along the runways back and forth but not able to take off anymore.
Runways in pieces of a puzzle as questions.

Shabat is coming and it is coming soon and quickly.
Not the Shabat of the week but the eternal Shabat for you My bride.
The rest you desire will be given to you.
One moment in this world and in a twinkling of an eye the next moment (in history) transformed into My presence.

Fly oh My bride into your destiny.
Prepare your hearts every day.
If in turmoil and tribulation for some and in quietness in other places, doesn’t matter.
Your time to prepare is now!

The reaper is going out and spring time will show the fruits.
The winter has passed and the rain gathered in the ground.
When the flowers and the grain will come up, so the tares.
Weeds all over the place.

Most flowers have been trampled down.
But her beauty can’t be hidden on the ground.
I’m about to pick them up for My wedding.
Horrifying moments for those who trampled on My flowers.

Those who have sown hatred will reap the same.
Sorrow and pain is waiting to come upon them.
Fear and trembling.

Give birth, give birth My children.
The labor pains for the laborers to (re-)build My house.
For centuries you had built your own houses but neglected and forgotten My house.
Like Nehemiah re-built the walls, yet My house did not had the former glory and majesty.
But now, after centuries will you gird your loins and build My house (to greater Glory)?

Do you think it can stand without walls?
Fill the breaches with your prayers and supplications.
Set in the doors (the gates) of thanksgiving.
Raise up the towers for the watchmen in righteousness.
Bring in the offerings according to My commandments in worship and praise.
Offer righteous sacrifices and do not defile My temple again.
Be holy for I am holy.

Let the enemy mock you – he doesn’t know any better.
The emptiness of his heart is jealous for your blessings.
His foxes will not be able to tear down the walls no matter how much they try.
Walls of gold and precious stones.

I will come and My smoke will fill the temple again when everything is finished.
My temple is not made of dead stones but alive.
Alive for the world to see.
A pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night to be seen from far away.
And the shout of joy will be heard to the ends of the earth.

No eye have seen and no ear have heard what I have prepared for those who love Me and keep My commandments.
And My commandments are not difficult to keep.
It’s easy as I carried the yoke and the burden.
In your heart let them be burned.
They are not as men have taught you, (since) ages, generation after generations they took away My mercy out of My commandments.
But no, that can’t be separated.

By technology and pseudo science men separated water and blood that was mingled together as one.
The water and the blood that ran out of My side you can not separate as much as you can’t separate My mercy and My commandments.
You can’t eat from the tree of knowledge of good end evil and live (forever).
So you can’t separate My word for your benefit and itching ears and think the blessing will continue to flow.

Listen to the sound of the trumpets (Shofar) but don’t be afraid.
Their frequencies have transforming power.
A resonance to shake of what can be shaken but harmonies to the things that can’t be shaken.

Those who twisted My word for their own houses to be built will see their foundation of sand be washed away.
Those who built My house on rock will not be shaken but will awake many.
As they look upon your house the people will come out of their hiding places (their tents) and will ask you:
Why after all the shaking your house remain standing and does not even have cracks in the walls.

Just tell them about the ancient rock of your foundation and what I have done (for you and for them).
I (will) take care of the rest, and you will rest in My rest when I will collect you.
The time for that is (not yet) for you to know.
For you is to seek My kingdom first and I will seek after your needs.

End of the prophecy.

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