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Word 2022-03-05 Battle for lives and souls

Prophetic word received on March the 5th 2022 around 9:10pm.

Actually I got this word already at 6pm when I was in the kitchen but didn’t write it down.
Then about 3 hours later the exact same words came to me and I thought, very likely Yeshua want to say something here.

Beginning of the word:

And at the end of the day, what do you like to say?
Will you fight against the wicked in your own power?
Or will you let Me fight them?
You have both options.

Or do you want to fight Me?
But I won’t help you when you start to fight against Me.
That will be your own battle.
Please… (feel free to do so)… if you like to limp for the rest of your earthly life (go ahead).

It might take you a whole night to wrestle.
Will I tell you My name at the end?
That depends on your motives of the battle.
If you fight for the children and unborn or for hard hardened hearts of wicked people, are two complete different levels.

If you wrestle for the wicked, yes, you may win some of their souls.
One or two or three, depends on what I see in their hearts.

If you wrestle for the children, unborn, poor and needy…
I guarantee a much harder warfare because this is a multi-layer battle.
But the outcome might be more than one, two or three.
There are millions above millions waiting for your prayers, and the fight for their lives and souls.
Children, teenagers, youth, young men and women are the main target for the devil.

Remember, you don’t fight against flesh and blood but it’s wise to use My blood to fight.

Will you fight with Me?
It will cost you everything.
But I will make sure you will not lose your reward.

No, you can’t fight only with nicely worded phrases.
You also need to fight with your knees and with your stomach.
It is a battle that almost squeeze the blood out of your cells (your pores).

Use the instruments you have, regardless of what neighbors might say.
You don’t need to wrestle even with words.
If you don’t find words, let My Spirit of Holiness lead you and bring out your inmost parts.
I can read your heart and know if you fight (truly) for them or if you only want to impress yourself or others.

Your chamber is waiting.
Lock the door and see if I will not fulfill My promise.
The days are short, the laborers are few but the harvest is plentiful.
Foxes want to spoil the fields.

Remember Gideon.
I only needed a few to fight many.
Drink from the living waters and go.
I will be with you til the end of the day.

End of the word.

Genesis 32:22-32
Song of Songs 2:15
Matthew 6:5-7-21
Ephesians 6:12
Judges 7
Matthew 9:37/ Luke 10:2
Acts 1:8/ Acts 13:47

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