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Word 2022-02-25 weightier matter and the storm

Prophetic Word, given on February 25th 2022 at 8pm during Shabat worship.

With all the metaphors, don’t forget to ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word.

The worm is waiting.
Hungry for souls – for all eternity he will eat and eat and eat those who reject (& rejected) My mercy that is still available.
″Forgiveness, Hah, what a nonsense″ is sounding out of the speakers on the masts.
″There is no God that saves″, they sing all together in a choir.

Driven by antisocial intelligence, minds full of blasphemy hiding behind.
From deep underground they crawl out of their holes.
Some (of them) jump out of fiery places.
More and more will open as they smell the lawlessness of men.

People have forgotten My covenant, and My commandments.
They constructed their own rules that has nothing to do with My guidance anymore.
Some are good and of good intentions, from honest hearts but there is no power and authority behind, that is able to keep them standing in the coming storm.

Russia-Ukraine is a big storm some say.
I say no, it is only a gentle breeze compared to what will come.
But until that real (final) storm approaches, there is still some time left to enter the ark and invite many to join.

Buy silver and gold from Me.
No, not the silver and gold of this world but the one that you can bring back to Me.
Refined and tried in the fire of righteousness.
It’s free but it costs a heavy price.
Some will pay with their lives, some with their inheritance.
But when you come to Me on the day when I will call you home and bring it back, I will put it on a scale and see what you have done with it.

What do you worry about My children?
Is My word not enough for you?
You deal with polluted water but reject My living waters.
Let My water flow and see if you still doubt.

Am I not able to open the gates of heaven?
Why are you still focus on earthly blessings?
Do you still don’t believe that I have something better, something greater than everything the systems in this world can offer?

All the worldly treasures will mold and rust and be eaten by the locusts.
Have you forgotten to invest in My kingdom?
Do you know the value of one single soul?
Put it on a scale and all the world on the other side.
Even millions of earths will not be able to lift this one soul up, not just one millimeter.
I told you long ago, years ago.

Tell the people how I look at each and every person (every soul) in this world, regardless of their status in society.
(*** personal testimony linked to this prophecy *** at end of message)

Yes, there are people in this world where some of them think, they are better than everyone else.
Most of them in high places think so (call themselves Übermenschen and all the others Untermenschen).
And some of them think even they are higher, high above Me.
But I counted many of them already as nothing.

Put them on a scale and then put a tiny piece of one hair of a toddler on the other side of the scale and see what will happen.
You’ll see as like from a catapult they will be fired away into the outer darkness when their time has arrived.
But I still use many of them to show the world the depth of evil – though so many are blind.
Sadly I need some of the tyrants to discipline many of My children and bring them back on the track, the path of righteousness.
Too many are asleep in the comfort zone.
Blessed are those who don’t face hardship but still hold on straight to My commandments.

Jezebel is still around in many congregations.
Where are the shepherds who listen to the prophets who see Jezebel in their midst?
Where are the prophets who have eyes to see?
If both are blind, where do they go?
And then?
The whole flock will follow them into their ignorant pit…

Wake up from your sleep oh My sheep.
I am about to lead you out into the green pastures.

Be aware My beloved for the devil will come in shepherds clothing to lead many out, into the deceptive meadows.
He will try to counterfeit My coming and will lead many into the trap by filling them with fear.
But no, don’t listen to him.

Do you know Me?
If so, then listen to My voice that you won’t get deceived.
If you are uncertain about My voice, then hurry.
There is not much time left to learn recognizing My voice.

The day will come when the noises of this world will become so wild that it will be almost impossible to hear My voice.
It will be like trying to hear the footsteps of someone walking along the shore beside the roaring ocean.
At this moment now, the ocean is still relative calm.

The storm you already feel a bit but from afar away you see (something like) a strong hurricane coming closer.
But the waves will have to wait a bit in delay from the wind and at the end the tsunami will come to wipe off the remaining.
With the shaking of the foundations, everything will fall on their knees.
Nations, Mountains, Islands will bow before My wrath.

Glorious will be that day for those who love me and keep/ kept My commandments.
I will wipe away the tears from their eyes and never anymore they will be separated from Me and My love.

Don’t look at the distractions in the Ukraine.
Don’t look at the distractions of truckers.
Don’t look at the distractions of mandates.
Don’t look at the distractions of supposed freedom.

Look at Me and what I have done for you.
Look at the cross where you can find the path to real freedom.

Whether you come to Me in midst of a war zone, whether you come to Me in a truck or on a bicycle, whether you come to Me under pressure of mandates or in relative freedom doesn’t matter.

Look at Me and the storm will not affect you.
Speak to the storm and command it to calm down.
Though the storm you might still hear when it will hit others around you, but your boat will be like in the eye of the storm and you can rest in My Shalom.
If you see other boats sinking, don’t be distracted or afraid, but continue focus on Me.
I will bring you home to the shore of My eternal Kingdom.
And there… into My Arms.

End of this prophecy

*** personal testimony here

I used to care for young severe disabled young people.
And for those who ever worked or dealt with disabled people know it is sometimes not the easiest task.
There, one boy.
He can not speak nor do anything else at all – the only thing he can/could do is to walk somehow, yet with assistance that he does not fall.
So, once I was outside with him for a walk.
There the Lord spoke to me concerning this boy and He said.
Do you see that soul?
And I responded: Yes, sure.
And the Lord continued: and you know what other people speak about him.
(I know that because he can be sometimes a bit annoying with his nagging noises, so other people name him all kind of ″names″.)
And the Lord said:
But this one boy (regardless of his condition), his soul is more valuable than all the gold and silver and riches in the entire world.
And this word came to me very strong.
But it made me clear how much more weight souls have compared to everything else in this world.

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