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Word 2022-02-23 Leaders, Unveiling, Prayer, Israel

Prophetic Word 2022-02-23 maybe 15:00 (forgot to look at the time)

As there are several metaphors and has different prophetic layers, ask the Holy Spirit (always)
to lead and guide you through this prophecy.

They know it all.
Yes, all those in the (same) boat on top of leadership know exactly what they are doing.
The day will come when almost all of them wish they would never been born.
Some say they are murderer, others say mass murderer – I say: No… worse.
Many chambers beside Nero, Hitler and Mugabe and so on will be filled (with them).

You look out of the window, watching the clouds passing by.
I watch the fingerprints and footprints of men and into their hearts.
The book is coming to a close, another book will be opened.
The scroll that was sealed, one by one before the eyes of men is going to be unveiled.

A sparrow sit on the branch of a tree.
Watch out, when you won’t see them anymore.
Are you not more than they?

The wind blows and you don’t know where it comes and where if goes.
Evil men you don’t know where they came from but you know where they are heading to.
They will reap what they have sown.
The sheep they have been slain are registered in the bowls of My wrath.
Each of them from the ones in the mothers womb til the ones in the elderly homes.

Nothing is hidden from My eyes.
Clouds bring rain, but these men are like clouds that never bring rain.
They make big promises but never keep them.

Every person with severe Alzheimer can memorize more than all the politicians together.
These (so-called leaders) say with big words what they want to do, promises over promises to the people they should serve to make them believe their lies.
But the minute they step into their selected position, all promises are just a vapor.
Oh yes, they will see My glory.
But their dark minds are not able to absorb, to soak it.

My sons and daughters, make yourself ready to soar in My presence like never before.
Evil will increase and speed up to drive into their final destruction, but you my children, hold on what you have.
Not the earthly belongings but My word in your hearts.
I have not called you to be of this world but in the world to bring My word to the world, to bring My light, Glory and Truth into the darkness of this world.

If they reject you and don’t listen, go to the next and shake the dust from your feet.
There is still a little bit day in this world.
Work as long as it is there.
The hour is close, when darkness will cover the earth and no-one will be able to work anymore.
I will give you a flight when it’s time to fly.

So many pray for Ukraine, Canada, USA and all sort of things, but not many pray for Israel, the center piece in this world, the jewel that I’ve set in midst the desert of ravishing nations.
As soon as tensions arise in Israel, people start to pray, but as soon things calm down, Israel will be forgotten.
Remember Yerushalayim (Jerusalem).

What is your purpose?
No, you whore after the nations instead to be holy.
A holy nation with Yerushalayim as it’s crown I have appointed you, I have called you.

But your stench is rising up into My nostrils.
How much longer will you be playing the same game as (all other) nations?
Or do you not know that I can take your crown away?
How much longer will you sacrifice your children?

Shall I make all your women barren until you come to Me and repent?
Will there be a voice like Avraham who will pray for you, so your women can give birth again?
Give birth Oh Israel, birth of righteousness before I come and hand you over to the destroyer.

A tiny spark and what will happen if this is ignited in midst of (a sea of) gasoline?
If you would ignite it in midst of living waters, what will happen (instead)?
I gave you living waters from the beginning in ancient times – you poured it out.
Then 2000 years ago I brought it back to you.
What have you done with it?
You poured it out again!

You even didn’t recognize when the dry bones became alive.
You cry: peace, peace, peace when there is no peace.
How can there ever be peace if you don’t have peace in your hearts?

If you would trust Me like Elisha, you would not consider to go with human power into the enemies camp and think with a sparkling fire in midst their explosive plans, you can avoid war.
If you would have faith, trust and obedience to My word, you would sit and relax like him (Elisha).
And there, you would praise and worship Me in Spirit and in Truth.

But like the sons of Aharon you go into the Holy place with false fire.
Remember what happened to them.
Have they seen My glory?
Oh yes, they did – the consuming Glory!
Did they please Me or have they trusted Me?
Have they been obedient to My commandments?

The night is approaching, the door is closing, waters are rising, yet My beloved will be safe.
My righteous will float in My love and no-one will be able to snatch them out of My hand.
It’s coming, remember the days of Noach…
They will be eating and drinking, marrying and getting married again.
Peace peace will be and the sudden destruction.

Can you climb up a rainbow?
Go up and watch the wicked ones from a different perspective.
Will they go after you?
Of course they will!

But you will laugh when you will see how they will try to climb up the rainbow (the real rainbow).
In the mud of their disgusting hell-made men-trade rainbow they will fall.
Clay is very clean compared to their rainbow.
Heads first will drop into their own rainbow-clay.
Hell’s fire will burn that clay.
Hard will become the clay as hard as their hearts.
Harder and harder with the eternal fire.

My beloved, fear not, for I will be with you.
May the fire increase 7 times hotter it will not touch you for I am with you and will be with you forever and ever.

End of the word

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