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Word 2022-02-18 system change good or bad

Prophetic Word, received on February the 18th 2022 around 8:30pm during Shabat worship.

There will be a change.
A change in the system.
Will it be better?
Will it be worse?
…depends on the viewpoint

Sometimes rain is good, sometimes not.
In season, out of season for a reason.
Sunshine can be good, sometimes not so much.
Some (people) like the sun, others like the dark.
Some love the son others hate Him for no reason in-midst of their treason.

The fly comes with a lie and the spy is about to cry.
When the giants are standing in line it will be a sign.
for the battle to start in martial art.

It’s so much better if they are all together.
So much easier to smash them all with one stone that I will throw from My throne.
Instead drowning them one by one like pharaoh altogether it will quickly be done.

My rock will hit the feet of iron mingled with clay while you My children, just watch and pray.
I will take My bride and set her aside.

The movie is for those who are blind so that they have a chance for something to find.
Something good for some, something bad for some others… depending on the viewpoint.

Psalm 35:19/ Psalm 69:4/ John 15:25
Daniel 2:33-45

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