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Word 2022-02-17 flat earth, lies and exposure

Prophetic Word 2022-02-17 6:40am

The word came in the kitchen, making breakfast while the laptop-screen came up a link to a 5-minute video about flat earth and I thought, maybe to look what this guy had to say about.

You’re looking for discussions whether the earth is flat or a ball, floating around the sun.
What a waste of time.
The earth is My footstool.
Do you like a floating footstool that wobbles around in empty space under your feet?

Have you seen the pillars I’ve mounted to hold the earth?
Only liars build ″their truth″ on nothing.
All lies will crumble with their exposure because there is nothing that can hold them in place.
Yes, the lies flying around, trying to find a place to hide.

Lies upon lies, but even thousands of layers are not able to hide them from My eyes.
I see them all.
I see the lies and I see the liars behind those lies.
Everything that is not built on My truth will be exposed when My truth goes forth to the ends, to the 4 corners of the earth.

Try to find corners on a ball.
You will be surprised what you will find.
Yes, you will find one, and this is the cornerstone.
The stumbling block, where all false science one day will stumble over.
Einstein’s theory of relativity is a theory and will continue to remain a theory.
But My word is fact!

Globalists try to make My word a relative theory, a relative fairy tale.
But I will show them The truth.
Though they know My truth, their father of lies blinded them that they will not be able to see.

The liars, those who dedicated their lives completely to lies will never be able to see true Truth.
Sold out by bribery and sorcery, slaves of lies they want to remain.
Greed and cheat is all they know and declare it as truth.
Laughing and mocking against My truth is all they know and desire and do.
A heart of stone they have.

They will tremble, when I will shake the heavens and the earth.
But even then, they will not turn away from their lies and continue to spit at My love and My beloved.
Don’t worry My children when they come against you.
I gave you a shield to be safe, a rock, where you can stand on and not shake nor tremble.

Millions of hearts I have already hardened as I did to Pharaoh.
I gave them (a lot of) time to repent but they refused.
They only continue to think about how beautiful it was in Sodom and Gomorrah.
Blasphemy, Homosexuality, Orgies with their neighbors and children, dogs and other animals.

Get out of their midst (My children), get out of their cities and regions.
I will show the world that I am still the same as I was yesterday, as I will be tomorrow and forever.

The earth is fixed and does not move until the day when I will renew everything.
Before the earth and the mountains were born I was I Am.

People study all kind of nonsense but is there anyone who study My love?
NOT theology; My LOVE!
I look around scanning churches and don’t understand what they are talking about from their pulpits.
Gloom and doom, science and math, theology and philosophy, theory and speculations.

While orphans and widows are neglected and hunger.
Children pushed into the Sunday-school corners where they… get trained in boxes of how to think and behave.
One single box, everywhere the same box where each and every child has to fit in – exactly.

″Please do not question the teachers″, just listen and believe their truths (is what they have been taught).
If you would believe My truth it would set you free.
Free to walk on water, free from lies and doctrines of men.
Free from spinning ideas.
Free from the death of lies.

My love and truth is ONE and can’t be separated.
You can’t carry My love without having My truth in your heart.
You can’t bear My truth without loving Me from your heart.

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