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Word 2022-02-15 To the Church and to Africa

Prophetic word, received on February the 15th 2022 around 9:30 in the evening.
I was just at the beginning of a prayer time when the word arrived.

Read the explanation at the end to get it better in the context/ details.

They (the church) don’t realize it.
They realize it as much as a cow realizes if there is something wrong in the gearbox of a car.
Blinded by their ″old normal″ routine they don’t look back into The Word I have provided for them.
All they see and pick are the pink cushions, the soft pillows of a perfect world.

With dense sunglasses they are on the highway/ freeway, full speed with their Porsche and Ferrari’s.
They think there will be no traffic around in the middle of the deep dark night.
Since ages they have never heard of traffic jams in the dark.
But… oh, they did not even know or recognize…
they have never been driving at night.

Yes, sometimes they have been a bit late (delayed) and made it home around twilight.
But they never experienced deep darkness.
Yes, some are prepared and equipped like Noach.
Some I need to pick out by force like Lot.

But the most….
just in their illusions that I will flip the tables according to their fleshly desires.
But no, I will not do that!
Yes, I will flip the tables (of the wicked) – and not only that.
I will tear their tables in tiny pieces and scatter everything away, far away.

Africa, Africa, listen!
I have not forgotten you.
I heard your cry, I have seen what wicked men have done to you and how these big corporations plundered you and left you in a mess.

The most presidents that rule over you are not the ones you would have chosen.
Most of them were (and still are) selected by foreign entities in false illusionary democracy.
Yet I have not desired democracy for you, but Monarchy.

Kings like My beloved David I desire to set before you to lead your tribes and nations into restoration.
To restore what your enemies have broken and stolen since centuries.

But you, oh tribes of Africa need to turn away from your idol worship and stop asking the witches for counsel.
You ask: what are the idols?
Yes, you heard correctly: Money!
And the love of it, the root of all evil.

You could be rich but you are poor because too many of you worship Mammon.
This idol corrupts and defiles your soul, as much as pornography corrupts My Holy Temple and My Holy Mountain.

But we need money you say!
I say: NO!
You need to love Me and keep My commandments and to love your neighbor as you love yourself.
But if this paper-money is in between, there is no way to love each other.

You built up a wall, decorated with Dollars.
Tear it down and I will show you better ways.
The way to holiness, the way to righteousness.
A new way of old ways to heal your land.

Stop looking at other nations (how they do it and) how wealthy they supposedly are.
All the fake news Hollywood media propaganda blinded you with all their useless glitter that is the pavement of the wide road that leads to destruction.

Look at your neighbors face, smile at him, tell him how beautiful they are and ask if there is anything you can do for him (for your neighbor).
If you meet them in honesty and true love from deep within, their big unbelieving eyes will be filled with tears of joy.
And that fountain will flood the land.

If the other countries (so-called western nations) go with their money and define happiness according to the amount of wealth, let them go with it.
But for you, oh Africa don’t be deceived, jealous or greedy.
I have something better for you.
Something you can’t buy with all the money, silver or gold.

I want you to focus on Me and trust Me in obedience, all what I have spoken through My servant Moshe, through the Prophets and the Apostles.
Your gold and silver has no value in My presence.
You can’t just copy the style of western living and think, then you will be great and wealthy with the same living standard.
Yes, you might get wealthy according to men’s definition but not healthy.
Or was Avraham unhappy to live in a tent?

I am waiting for you, people of Africa to burn your idols and false gods.
Even your churches, so many of them try to copy western styles.
But you say: No, we don’t copy them, we have our own style, our own way of preaching and worship.
But I say: NO, it’s the same.
Your dance around the golden calf is the same.

When do you start dancing before My ark, before My word like David did?
Let Jezebel mock you, but you…
praise and worship Me in the Holy Spirit.
Not in confusion as you have been taught but in holiness, in fear and reverence of Me.
I will deal with Jezebel and kick her down her blasphemous balcony where at the bottom the dogs will eat her flesh.

Let Me…
give you the riches that I have in store for you.
And they are more than money, gold and silver.
Wealth of eternal value I like to give you, if you turn from your indoctrinated crooked ways and come to Me like a child, with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.
Africa, yes, Africa I call you.
Come, before it’s too late!

Matthew 16:3
Matthew 24:37-38/ Luke 17:26
2 Thessalonians 4.13
2 Samuel 6:14-16
1 Timothy 6:10
Matthew 20:21
1 King 21:23
John 14:15,21; 15:10/
Matthew 20:35-40
Leviticus 11:44-45; 20:7,26/ 1 Peter 1:16

When it speaks about driving full speed with fast cars at night – it does not speak about
some mega church preachers for example with their wealth, but it is a metaphorical expression of blindness, not to see the signs of the times we are living in…

About Africa:
The original real life of Africans with traditions and culture points back to the time BEFORE the colonization (this is what spoiled it).
It includes social life and also the style in churches (yet without voodoo or witchcraft or so).
Just need to be translated into this time with all technological changes.

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