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Word 2022-02-06 Freedom through repentance

Prophetic Word 2022-02-06 18:00 – while start cooking (in the kitchen)

Please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word

There is a shift coming.
Not a shift men expects or experts ″prophecy″.
But a shift for My glory to be displayed.

Freedom fighters and horse riders
are collecting blueberries in the woods.
Streets and weeds in hopeless needs for renovation.
All despise My great advice and counsel in their homes.

How can you fight and make it right without my wisdom from above?
What a pleasure it would be if I could see, you all be coming close to Me.
But how blind you are in mind to think that you can find the turning of the wheel.
To turn around with human sound you trying to achieve will turn to dust regardless all what you believe.

What, if My hand will move you through the land and turn it upside down?
Not in the way as wicked say but by My power in this hour to lift My name on high.
Lift up My banner not your nation in this final generation.
Stand up in unity and invite Me in your midst.

I know all the things that you don’t know – where the enemy has trapped you in his show.
A benefit you are for them unless you come to Me.
If you step aside and let me stand there as for My bride, then you can watch with joyful shout how I will knock the wicked out.

I know them all, one by one, a simple roar out of My mouth, the holy one and in a moment they’re all gone.
But all depends on you if you will call to Me to let me be the captain of your crew.

The shift is coming anyway, the one way or the other in one day yet the course it is defined by what and to whom you pray.

For Hezekiah I added 15 years for you it might depend on you and on your tears.
The tears in fear of Me and repentance in your heart.
If you return to Me, repenting of your sin,then I will rock and shock and bring My angels in.

They know just how to shift the rocks, the blocks that locks your road.
Blocks and rocks, deception have been set to lead to to destruction.
The shift and turning all depends on you like as My word is true.
The way the truth and life the road that leads to life.

Come to Me and pray and stay in Me, less anyone deceive you and away to lead you far astray.
15 days or weeks or months or years as landmarks on your track, the time for you to come to Me is coming to a close.
A dead end road will be for those who never turn to me.

Your fight is not in flesh and blood but all against a wicked rod.
Spirits called by evil ones, darkest witchcraft from the diabolic sons.
Without my rod of iron, nowhere, nothing you will reach as this is not a normal fight, nothing men can teach

The powers are invisible for human eyes to see.
The only way your eyes be opened,when you come to Me.
The time is winding down as like the road you’re on If you don’t reach My hand before the end then you’ll be gone.

Ephesians 6:10-18
2 Kings 20:1-11/ Isaiah 38

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