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Word 2022-02-03 Putin’s decision for Yes or No

Prophetic word, received on February the 3rd 2022 around 1pm

I received this word right after I came home from the beach (where I go for exercises).
Not very likely that I was influenced at that moment by political thoughts.

Do you want to be a star in My kingdom?
Is the war machine you put up against your brothers in the Ukraine your idea?
NO, it’s not!
Power-players, diabolic inspired entities, men of destructive minds are pushing you to ″press the button″ (to give the signal).

You have a choice to say Yes or No.
If you say yes (to war), you will drown in the endless outer darkness.
(There) you will feel the pressure of ″pressing a dark button″.
History books will place you in front of your forerunner (Stalin).
You will be remembered as long the world exists in it’s current state.

But you can say Yes to Me.
I like to enter your heart, and deep within unlike the deep state spirits I will fill you deep with My Holy Spirit.
And I will change you in a way you never thought it is possible.

But this yes (to Me) has a price tag.
The price as the innocent lamb I already paid at the stake 2000 years ago at Yerushalayim.
That’s the price I paid with My blood once and for all.
You don’t need animals to sacrifice anymore before Me as the atonement for sin.
But I still love to see your sacrifices, your offering in worship and thanksgiving.
Keep My commandments as I kept My Fathers commandments.

Vladimir, if you will say Yes to Me and let Me change your heart, you will say No to ″press the button″.
But then, those who force you to press it will say No to you.

If you say No to Me and No to war, no to ″press the button″ (then) they will say No to you and will remove you in an instant.

But if you say Yes to Me and (then) by My Spirit and in My authority No to the button or war-order.
(Then) I will say NO to these people who seeks (only) destruction .
You name them, I game them and expose them and in front of all public they will stand naked, stripped off their (diabolic) power when all nations will see their evil plot and even more of their evil deeds.

Centuries over centuries they are in power.
But My Yes on your lips will bring your nation to a level as never before.
A nation, where corruption is so deep from the smallest to the greatest.
But that will be come crashing down and replaced by mercy and righteousness.
Your land will produce it’s fruit in season, more than ever before.
And instead military borders you will remembered for the restored brotherly borders you had with Ukraine.
Open borders to kiss each others faith.

You have the choice Vladimir, your choice, it’s in your hand.
It’s for you and millions of people in your nation.
You can become the star in My kingdom if you chose righteously and let Me deal with you as I will deal with your enemies.
My protection will surround you.
Your choice.

And what can do we do with such a prophecy:

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