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Word 2022-02-02 How many children in heaven?

Prophetic Word 2022-02-02 9:25pm

After a great time of worship I went into prayer.
And there I asked the Lord and to my surprise, unexpectedly He gave me an answer.
My plan was actually with that question to go into intercession for the children.

Specifically I asked the Lord, if maybe 90% of the ″inhabitants″ in heaven might be children (entered heaven as children)
Then He answered (right away):
No, not 90%
95% of all people who entered the gates of heaven were under 3 years old.
(counting from the day of conception, including abortions and miscarriages)
Look, how many adult men ended in war, killed by the sword while they had a sword in their hand.
Hardly anyone of them fought for righteousness sake with a righteous heart.
Swords, guns, cannons, missiles or joysticks, it does not matter.
All the same: Instruments to kill, steal and destroy.
Is there anywhere a list of all these different variations?
You could fill libraries with all the murder tools, men invented.
And the women?
Yes, less in war and by the sword.
But by their mouth and seductive curves (most did not enter).
5% (altogether men and woman).
The real number of how many children got aborted, abused, murdered will never be published.
The real number is much higher than the official claims and so-called statistics.
95% below the age of three, they entered here and since then they are safe and loved forever.

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