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Word 2022-01-29 WHO ? And 5-fold ministry

Prophetic Word, given on January 29th 2022 around 11am during prayer

Be aware with the wordplay in this prophecy as it has a double layer with hidden meanings.
And as always ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word.

WHO do you think you are?-
WHO do you truly think you are?
WHO are you who thinks you can permanently go against My commandments and believe, you can simply go free (away with it).
I see you and also know the one who is your master.

But soon, very soon you will hear from all sides: ″Where are you? – What happened?″
…and then ″Where do you hide?″
That’s the time when I will let you know Who I am!
And I will let you know WHO you are in My sight.
Yes, you are nothing and then (soon) no more.
Even when some of you will be able to hide in your secret bunkers from men, but I see you all.

The blood of your sorceries have cried out from the ground and the stench of your witchcraft reached the heavens.
A very short time (weeks?) I will give you to repent.
And if not… your fate will be sealed for all eternity.

Bloodshed was the purpose from the very day you were born.
Now I will send you to the destroyer.
All the lies you built up including a supposed good reputation (which is literal a fake one), year after year together with the WickedMedia.
They presented you as the good nice poster-boy when indeed the worst criminals in downtown Chicago are toddlers in kindergarten compared to your wickedness.

Don’t think the next plot will succeed.
I will drive a wedge in between and betrayal will be flooding in your midst.
Too many are fighting over the last slice of cake you baked in your disgusting chambers, made and designed with the blood of little children and the unborn.

Soon you will know WHO you are, when your evil deeds will be known in the open.
Whooooo, whoooo, some people will cry and weep,those who sucked from the dark web of your corruption.
You don’t need to believe it in the same way as you don’t believe in Me, but soon you will feel.

Shall I forgive you if you cry for mercy when your pain increases, but don’t tu rn from your wicked ways?
If so, I would need to deny My holiness before I can do that.
But I can’t deny Myself and My holiness for I am holy – and there is nothing that can change it because I never change like you, oh wicked people.
A chameleon is slow and no mother is able to change so fast the diapers of their babies as you the colors of evil to hide behind your wickedness.

The earth is My footstool but WHO are you?
A tiny dark dirty spot on the footstool.
How foolish are you to think you can fight against Me.
Where (do) you think you will be, when I scratch off that tiny dark spot from My footstool with the tip of my small finger.
Do you think you can impress me with your always increasing diabolic war machinery?
I laugh about it!
Only a gentle breath out of My mouth and all your rockets, bullets, missiles and jets are flying back to where they came from.

I will use the ones you want to abuse for your dirty filthy work to expose WHO you truly are.
And those with the big wallets behind you will run for their lives.
Yes I will spare some of them for My last move of judgment.
And I will turn their wallets around as I flipped the tables in the temple.

Pastors/ shepherds, how dare are you, desire to tend a foreign flock but not able to take care for your own sheep at your home (your family).

Preachers, teachers, you want to teach My word to others, but not able to teach your own children the ways of righteousness.
Bring first your own house in order before trying to teach others.

Evangelists, how many of you have brought in your whole household into my sheepfold?
Shall I not call you (many of you) Eventualists?
Eventually we may see some salvation’s.
Eventually even revival.
Let first your own house be set on fire and then go with that flame into your city and nation to set them ablaze.
This is necessary, so people will come and praise My Holy Name in purity and Holiness.

And for the Prophets…
How can you prophecy Hollywood and Fantasy to your own house and think you are called to be a prophet for the nations?
Stop that ″Tvnation″ and then I will use you to speak to kings and princes.
If you hold on to the unclean rats programs, it might be better for you start talking to ants and see if they listen and repent or continue to run around in their anthills.

Apostles, don’t call yourself an apostle if I have not anointed you to be one.
Too many self- and man-anointed apostles running around as too many cooks spoil the broth.
If you think you are called to be an apostle, stay in your prayer-closet If I will not anoint you in reasonable time, ask if I may not have another calling for your life.

But don’t run from prophet to prophet trying to convince them, they shall prophecy over you exactly the words you desire to hear.
If I have anything for you, I will send the prophets to you.

Yes, even personally they will reach you and anoint you as an apostle if I decided to call you as an apostle.
″Paid″ prophets will only bring you into destruction.
If you like that, go for it – But then, I will not save you from that unholy fire.

Scripture to this word:
Genesis 4:10
Revelation 18:23
Matthew 10:26/ Mark 4:22/ Luke 8:17
Isaiah 66:1/ Acts 7:49
Psalm 2
Matthew 21:12/ Mark 11:15/ John 2:15
Ephesians 4:11
James 3:1
Acts 1:2

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