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Word 2022-01-27 New voices, Children, Gaming, Israel

Prophetic word I received from the Lord on January 27th 2022 around 2pm

As always and now the more, since it is very long, please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word.

It started while in the kitchen – doing a few things,guess I grabbed a snack or something to drink.
And while there, somehow in a worship mood I asked Adonai if he has anything to say with the words:
″Do you want to tell me something today?″
And then He said: Yes, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot…
hah – huh

So I went inside my cave, took my notebook and pen to write it down, well, the reason, because it is fairly cold in the kitchen, maybe max. 15 degrees Celsius, which is about 60 Fahrenheit.

Then it really rolled on with these words:

And I will use more voices.
Since I have sorted out (now) who follows Me and who bows down to the beast (system), the separation will be now in the ones to whom I speak.

Yes, I already could see who will bow down to the clown and the world circus.
But it will give the visitors a better way to distinguish – and therefore be able to watch with different eyes.
Right and left, up and down, front and back.
And I will speak like never before except the way I spoke with My servant Moshe.

Yes, false voices from people to whom I have not spoken will also come forth in the masses, like false sprouts on trees in springtime.
But on their fruits you will know if I have spoken to them or not.
If you see a prophet without a fruit of (real) love, it is not of Me.

Yes, you might see healing and deliverance, signs and wonders they perform.
But this is (will be) all fake, regardless how real and genuine it appears or turns out.
The deep love, the passion for the lost, the poor, widows and orphans, the hunger for righteousness, (real) grace and mercy you won’t find in them.
In glamorous costumes they will present and sell themselves on the podium.
And many will fall into the trap of their deception.
Fascinating sticky words out of their mouth where many people will be clinging to.
Yes, they will use words from the bible, but their fruits will not be of the Holy Spirit.

Humble people who don’t admire selfishness I will use.
Full of love (for others), seeking My kingdom first.
I will use people no-one ever have heard of.
Many young devoted shy people will do the works of righteousness in places never seen.
Old men and women who gained a lot of wisdom as they numbered their days that I will prolong.
A wisdom that will make the enemy tremble.
With an unique authority I will equip them.

Children all ages will roam the streets for My glory to carry.
My Spirit will lead them and they will bring many to the conviction of sin and into repentance.
Not by mighty words but by My Spirit that will rest upon them.
Teachers in school will not be able to shut them off, nor to defend themselves.
Their ″brainwash-doctrine″ will crumble and fall apart by the purity and righteousness of these children.
Children who have been trained by their parents for a holy life.
Holy as I am holy.
Not perfect in human ways and view but perfected by My grace, by My word, spoken out of My mouth.
No, there will be not too many and they often will be mocked by other children who never learned what it means to obey their parents.
But I will guard them by My angels and My word.

Teachers will try to tell them what they should believe but they will stand on the Rock, My word and respond to the teachers what they (the teachers) better believe before it’s too late.
Because My ax is laid on the root of the education system that has nothing to do anymore with education but is designed to destroy the future of humanity.

Praise and worship will be on the lips of toddlers.
And if someone want to shut them off, I will let the rocks cry and the millstone will come rolling around their necks to drown them into their own sin, into their own destruction, the lake of fire if they don’t repent quickly and turn from their wicked ways.

Oh yes, My heart is breaking, then I look how many desire the millstone instead My grace and mercy.
They, so many hunger for death and destruction.
Much of it they learned from the gaming industry, which is nothing but a diabolic addictive toy machinery, of conditioning the brains for devastation, masked as victory.
Fascinating are they, learning fast reflexes, they say, the connection between the eyes and the hands.
But they don’t understand how these two connect straight to the Beast (system).
And they don’t understand it does not only destroy the (supposed) enemies on the screen but their own emotions, their own soul.
Like robots trained to kill, steal and destroy.

So the scores are set up to push the pride, where I am watching only from far away.
Who is the best, who is the greatest, but don’t understand it is just the opposite.
Who is the worst, who is and will become the most evil skilled tyrant.
They say, oh, it’s just a game.
I say: No, it’s real.
It’s a real fight over spiritual powers, regardless of how realistic or not these games appear (on the screen) as in terms of human understanding.

Demonic forces are behind most games.
Even if some games appear to be harmless but in reality it’s a spiritual game.
If they don’t turn away from that lust and repent, one day, one day they will stand before Me and I will tell them The Truth.
All the spiritual hosts that you can’t see with your corrupted eyes, but one day…
it will be visible for you.

Adam in the garden could see them all, until the day I had to cast him out.
He and his wife became almost blind.
So are people today.
Occasionally I opened the eyes a little bit for some.
Not many… not many have seen the reality of spirituality, (of the spiritual realm).

Satanists walk more in that realm as those who (claim to) follow Me.
Yet they only see their satanic fallen angels.
They are not able to see My glory and My holy angels, even as My angels are more.
That’s why they believe they have such a power to do what they do.

Sadly most Christians don’t see nothing at all.
In their churches they sit Sunday after Sunday listening what the person behind the pulpit is saying, but don’t walk in the ways as My friend Avraham did.
To walk in righteousness and obedience and trust in Me.

I will give them a last short open door, a chance to submit to My will of their calling.
Be holy for I am Holy and live in fear of Me.
The fear of Me is complete contrary to the fear of men.

For those who walk in trust and obedience and in righteousness I will give to drink from the cup that is overflowing with My love.
A love that will cast out the last atom of (human) fear.

Drink it or die.
There is no road in the middle.
There is either hot or cold.
The lukewarm will have soon their ″reward″.
The price is heavy and will last eternally.
A carnal life (lifestyle) I will not accept in My presence.
Fire will fall on those who are on fire (for Me).
Snow and ice will cover (and freeze) those who are cold.

My wrath, who can stand?
My love, who can resist?
You have a choice, but I will not accept ″no choice″.
Let those who are asleep continue sleeping.

But for the weak, wake them up and speak life into their bones so that they may revive, that they live and be restored.
My word will make them alive and well.
It’s not your actions, activities and efforts.

Go and preach the good news to the ends of the earth.
Whether the end of the earth is right at your door of in the farthest distant country.
Go with My word and let all know, the time is short.
Repent and turn from your wicked ways, from doubt and unbelief.

Let the children come to Me, for theirs is the Kingdom of Love.
Everlasting love and life overflowing with joy and peace and gladness.

Nineveh had 40 days to repent and they made it.
Be not angry when some cities will not face (yet) the judgment they (supposedly) deserve.
But stay humble and rejoice (when I have found one lost sheep in that city).
(Yet) don’t be surprised when I will judge cities and some nations beyond (your) measure, where you may wonder and ask: ″Why they?″

Keep on preaching and proclaiming My grace and mercy.
And if they will listen and turn from their wicked ways (then) I will turn My face towards them and in a twinkle of an eye turn judgment into blessings and will heal their land.

People might claim: but you already know, who will turn and who not…
Did I not regret that I made man in My image and wanted to destroy them?
What if I would not have found righteous Noach?
Where would you be today without Noach?
If Moshe have not interceded for the children of Israel in the wilderness they would be no more.
If I would have found a handful of righteous people as Avraham pleaded, Sodom and Gomorrah would still exist until this very day.

So what shall I do with a nation if there is only one righteous family left?
Will I not send another ark to safe them?
And if a big city will have less than a handful of righteous….
What shall I do with the rest if they don’t want to repent and turn from their wicked ways?
Shall I ignore their sins forever?

No, I will come and pour out the cup of indignation upon them.
The time is here, the cups are full.
But for you My sons and daughters…
Will you go there in sackcloth and ashes and call them to repentance to come to Me and receive eternal life?
If you go, I will be with you, but if you are not willing to let go and don’t go, I will remove My Spirit from you and you can try to look if you will be able to find love anywhere.

I am not a man that I can lie.
My word is true and everlasting.
From the beginning til the end, though there is no beginning and end in Me.
And all the words that are not recorded, all books of books, all libraries would not be able to keep them.

Listen, oh Israel, I have not forgotten you.
In due time I will visit you and lead you again as a good shepherd to the green pastures.
You wanted a king…?!
And from Shaul (Saul) until Naftali Bennet… what did you get?

A handful of righteous kings but the rest corrupt and evil to the core.
They all had My Torah, My Word, My instructions of life, My commandments how to love each other.
But what have these kings done (as same as the one today)?
Fight tooth and nail, scratching, biting as much as they can to go against My word and My will.
Then they run Shabat for Shabat in their hypocrisy into their synagogues, which is not My synagogue.
But that does not bring them a single inch closer to Me.

I have My hand upon them and soon they will feel that it means to constantly reject My will.
I came to heal the sick and broken hearts but they made the people sick with their sorceries and broke the heart of this nation in pieces.

A nation that was called out to be set apart from all other nations has become a nation that worship the Beast and Moloch.
What shall I do with you, oh adulterous woman?
Shall I simply overlook your fornication as if nothing ever happened?
What will a husband do with such a wife do?
Will he sit still on his chair and smoke his smokescreen pipe while having a smile on his ignorant face?
No, I will strip off her clothes of harlotry and let her shame be exposed for all nations to see.

You, who build the temple of Baal will not (much) longer worship there.
EliYahu (Elijah) is coming, and with him the fire that will smoke your altar of abomination to ashes.
That ashes you can use to cast upon your head.
And if I see you repenting in sackcloth, I will hear from heaven and restore you to the former Glory.
The glory of My Torah, My Word, My statutes and precepts.

Holy Holy Holy is Adonai Zevaoth – I like to hear out of your mouth.
So I can make you a great nation where My word can go forth from Yerushalayim over Samaria to the ends of the earth.
Or do you want me to wait until your nation is in ruins and only a small remnant will be able to go out with My truth?

Turn to Me quickly before I will cut off the beards of your rabbis and let their mouth of lies be exposed.
I showed you the blessings and the curses, life and death.
Moshe you know and quote from him over and over but don’t live accordingly to chose life.
Moshe spoke about Me, your Mashiach (Messiah) but you ignored it and spat upon My face – and still do it today.
Decide quickly to turn before it will be too late!

I am coming soon.
Be ready for My hand is not to weak and My arm not too short to execute judgment.
My word will not return void if you use it for the sake of righteousness and truth.
Yes, I am coming and My holy angels with Me.
Come to Me before I come to you!

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