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Word 2022-01-25 Glory to come, Prophets like EliYahu

Prophetic Word received on January the 25th around 5:30 in the morning

Read prayerfully line by line and let the Holy Spirit speak to you, to give you a deeper understanding of this word

When Glory comes, what are you going to do?
Will you sit on your couch or chair and stare in the air?
Will you watch Internet and TV and relax as if you’re at the beach by the sea?
Will you go to your fridge, open the door and look, if there is more…?

Stretch out your hands and warm up your legs to go.
If you want to see My glory moving, move (also yourself).
I will not remain with you just sitting around, staring into these square boxes of any size (of rubbish), while thinking to see Me moving over the earth.

I want/need vessels where I can show My glory.
Broken vessels, unworthy vessels, old shabby vessels, small vessels, big ones too, tiny voices that praise My Holy Name.
On the road, in the fields between weeds, flowers and grain.

Does the grass fly into the mouth of the cow on it’s own?
Does the petrol station walk to your car and fill the tank automatically?
Does a book open it’s page before you and read it’s words to you?
Yes, I cold make all of this happen but this is not my intention, not my way.

So My glory will not move around without You, My people, My children.
I want you to shine and be a reflection of My Glory.
The darker the night, the brighter My light.

The day will come when you will not be able to work anymore.
Darkness is approaching very fast.
(But) I still hold My hand between and wait and look, if you will go or if you will remain sitting in your comfort zone (of worldly desires).
If you continue to relax and let the fridge and the screen be your guide (more than my Holy Spirit), then I will remove My hand from holding back the darkest darkness and before you are able to open the door or switch the channel the darkness will roll over you.

When I say today, don’t say tomorrow.
When I say tomorrow, don’t say today.
You want to know that tomorrow will bring?
Then, do the things I told you for today.
If you faithfully obey the works (I commanded to do) for today, then I will entrust you with tomorrow.
Today I need you for My Glory
and tomorrow let it be tomorrow.

Rivers of life, Rivers of love, My kingdom will come.
My will will be and you all see when I lift the veil for a brief moment.
Enter the gates with thanksgiving and praise.
There is an open door coming to carry My glory to the ends of the earth.
Get ready for I will do what has been foretold from ancient days.
And there is nothing that can block it.

Now is the time when (significant) ancient prophecies will unfold before your eyes.
Great and marvelous things, fearful events, when (some) elements in the heavens will be shaken, before they hit the earth.
Fire, hail and brimstone in places high.
All for the passage to open for My glory to be seen.

Who have the keys to open and shut heavens?
The Lion of the tribe of Yehuda (Juda) and those whom He gives it.
Yes, and again prophets like (in/with the spirit of) ElYahu (Elijah) will again be able to do things he did and beyond.
The chariots are waiting, prepared for battle.

Scripture to the word
Psalm 8:2 (Matthew 21:16)
Matthew 22:9-10/ Luke 14:23
John 9:4
Matthew 25:14-29
Matthew 24:14
Acts 1:8
Joel 3:16/ Haggai 2:6,21/ Hebrews 12:26
Matthew 24:19/ Mark 13:25/ Luke 21:26
Luke 4:25/ Revelation 11:6/ Matthew 16:19
Luke 1:17 (Malachi 4:6)

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