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Word 2022-01-19 Plans of wicked and Gods Hand

Prophetic Word 2022-01-19 16:45 (-20:45)
That word kept dropping in over a period of 4 hours

In midst these words I received in the Spirit much more details but have no clue how to describe or word it.
As this word does not appear for me so easy please ask the more prayerfully the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you for more understanding.
Many long sentences but I don’t know where to put commas, or finish sentences (just ignore these things).

Do whatever you want is all they know.
Human sacrifice, a human right shall be out from the deepest chambers of darkness, the voice is claiming.
Amen, Amen and a Woman and a child is in the womb, and out of it, quick quick quick, the law of life, just nailed a cross across the cross.
The other side the cross that ancient relic, aged, worn out and out of date, outdated erased from public, banned from schools and never shall come back.

The rainbow not the one original but the colored flags and banners, logos signs and manners, they all in place we want to see as symbols free from slavery.
Dogs and cats and cows and meows and rats and horses all shall be free and humans can decide what they want to be.

In their field they pour out blood the bones be ground in sugar water, fine as dust be scattered over all the crops.
The fertilizer out of humans made so great, the cheaper graves you never get as profit dwells within and stays in place while rising high up to the sky.
The more we need is just a simple law to make it out of simple straw.
So we can hide the innocent the blood we drink before.
And then in fields in food and all the drinks; oh yes, will make the people cry for more.
God? He does not see, look how we all successfully achieved without a tiny interruption in our main production
of the herd reduction, and not even one delay no matter how these so-called godly people pray could interfere any single plan we made for our relief.

Let’s go to chapter six six six a joy will be for us.
We bring the king we will be god and no way, none who stop our plans, to patent earth and sun and moon and all the universe.
We sign the contract make for sure it all will soon be ours.

Small and young and new humanity will be for pleasure while the old be done away.
All those who work for us so happy they will be.
In all our camps be trained to believe that they are free.
A strong and mighty army of our intelligent technology will be always on our side.

A baby boom on our balloon will be no more.
And we sure make sure all mothers can be free to chose their hearts desire to have fun in many beds without to fear a cradle.
Delivery at any time and all of this around the world.
It will be free (for them) and easy, just a minute and then all their worries gone while for us a piece of fertilizer,
added on our farms to joyfully supply their needs.
Nutrition for a healthy race perfected human hybrids.

The plans they plan a plan an evil plan straight from the devils pocket.
But NO, their final plan will not succeed, My Hand will move between.
Their plan they did not made with Me nor keep in mind that I’m alive and dive deep into their evil plot.

Much more details will I reveal to My prophets on their knees.
Those who humbly seek My face and not in fear of men.
What can men do against My anointed ones when they start to laugh with Me and lift their staff up high?
My angels as a wall between My children and all the wicked rats.

The pope is on the side of them and almost on the top.
What shock will be for those who worship him and devotedly adore when finally they see his naked skin…?
Revealed all his disgusting deeds from first to last. Chambers, children, boys and girls and kisses black and white just deep below his throne.
But so on his nice white sugarcoat be seen with many bloody spots increasing it’s intensity with black and dark as is his heart.

Oh yes, Oh yes, I am not deaf I hear you every day, I know your every step and also where you stay.

My delight is in My bride when I will take her home.
The chosen ones will run around in might and holy strength..
Walking where no man can go to heal the broken hearts.
The cries of children turn to laughter joyful will be dancing on the swing, while birds and bees and butterflies will start to sing.

Keep hold on to the promises I gave you at Mount Sinai.
And don’t forget to teach them all to family and friends humanity, as they are blessings from My Throne
written with My finger.
Make sure to let Me write them in your heart so you will be able to stay, when suddenly all things and everything will change again, and everyone will start to run.

In panic and in fear will all those be who don’t know Me, My Word.
They all will run like drunk when earth will shake and tremble like a drunken.
The trembling and the trumpet sounds all men will hear and fear.
When suddenly the day will come when some will disappear.

Oh Glory, Glory Holy is the Lamb of God Oh El Kadosh Zevaot.

And what is left behind is left for you not yet to know.
Today remains today and tomorrow let it be for Me.
Worries you should cast into the yesterday as far tomorrow they shall have no space.
My breath shall be enough for every day like as My word My Manna.

Scripture to this word:
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Revelation 13:18
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