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Word 2022-01-16 The truth of truth and lies

Prophetic Word, received on January the 16th 2022 around 10pm

With all the metaphors I advice you to listen carefully
and let the Holy Spirit give you the wisdom,
discernment, understanding and interpretation.

Hear the rattle snake when I shake the rattle.
It will shake and tremble and the rat in the kettle will boil til the snake jumps out of the hole.
I will stretch it as long as it can, before it explodes in two and three.
The three of the tea the party will be, thrown into the sea.

Fire from heaven, the flame kindles for the snake that bites from all sides.
From the arms of the wicked into the arms of the poor.
But there is a door where the poor will enter to adore.

The King will bring the ring of fire to the core.
And the sword of evil will smite their own sole away from the place where they think they can hide.
Laugh and rejoice for the day will come when you will see how they all together
will try to lift the rock that I laid on My holy mountain.

They will be in shock when the rock and His children will shout (will cry).
The quake will break the arms of the wicked and their stars will fall down into the pit.
In a twinkling of an eye and their eyes will be filled with tears.
No, not the tears of joy that My beloved will have, but the tears of sorrow and sorrows when Soros (sorrows?) will be no more.
Who will fund who (WHO)?
To whom shall we go they will cry.

All day long they will mourn as the quicksand of lies drowns them deeper and deeper into their (own) destruction.
Will I pull them out?
If some (of them) would stretch out his hand to Me, yes, of course…
But all I see is fists, angry faces, blaming Me to be the one who caused all their disasters.
They don’t realize that it’s the sand of greed that the devil has poured out all over the world and mostly into their eyes and hearts.

But they thought it is a great foundation to build their agenda upon.
But no, all is disaster and devastation.
Fooled by the devil they will continue until their final destruction.
Many will follow.

Many naive-innocent will go the same direction because they have been deceived since generations.
Lies upon lies.
Even many who called themselves Christians have not seen (the truth of these lies).
Entangled in traditions and rituals and routines the truth passed by and they have not noticed nor recognized anything at all.

But I will wake and shake some (more) of them up and see, what the others will do, when these few will come with the truth of old.
The truth that was truth at the beginning and never change .
Men and men’s opinions about truth changed but the true truth can never change or else it is not the truth.

Lies remain lies, regardless of how many times wicked people try to repeat that their truth of lies supposed to be the truth.
Look only up to the sky and you see the truth of their lies.
Look higher and you will see Me sitting on my throne and reign.
Wicked men tell you something different by claiming: ″this is the truth″ – their truth of lies.

True Truth can never become lies, no matter how often some individual people with sand in their eyes try to convince people about something else.
I Am the Truth, I was the truth at the beginning and I will remain the truth until the end and beyond.
And once, when mankind passed My throne of judgment, all will know (The Truth).

False truth will be cast into the lake of fire to burn and die forever.
True Truth will come out of the false fire and live forever.
Trust Me, you will not burn much longer.
I will bring you out of the evil fire into My Glory, the Holy Fire into the destiny I have prepared for you, to be with Me forever and ever.

There are two specific words where it’s not clear what it talks about as the same pronunciation can got into different directions/ meanings.

1. the word ″who″
One option is the question word, the other option that it points to the organization that has basically the same letters in the typical shortcut, often used even to pronounce it.
I name it the wicked hell organization.
In context it could point to that organization but I can’t say this for 100%

The other word is ″sorrows″.
One possibility is the word that goes to something like ″unhappiness or woes″…
But the other option, it can refer to that guy with the name ″George Soros″.

But that, in context with the connection to WHO I have no information if he is somehow also involved in that.

So again, please ask the Holy Spirit for more insight.

Scripture for this prophecy:
2 Peter 3:7
Isaiah 5.20
John 8:44
John 14:6
Psalm 10:15
Matthew 7:24-27
Hebrews 13:80
Zechariah 12:3

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