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Word 2022-01-14 A new thing, new dimension

Prophetic word received on January 14th 2022 at 20:15 during Shabat worship.

Tomorrow I will do a new thing.
And then you won’t see you family anymore, but a family that I will give you.
Praise and worship (Me) until I come.
And I am coming soon.

Hold on to your faith, the little seed of mustard.
All you need is that little grain of truth and trust.
I am not finished yet to deal with the wicked, to sort out whom I will bring to the edge of their life (lives).
And then, to see if they still serve Mammon and Beelzebub, or if they will turn (to Me).
Endless mercy (with them)?

I have heard Your cry for the children and I will soon stretch out My hand to deliver.
From small to great all will be judged according to My righteousness.
Not one will escape.
There is only One way that will keep you (everyone) from MY wrath.
One Way to Life!

Whether you run or you stumble on the narrow path doesn’t matter as long as you don’t turn.
No, you can’t carry your bag of transgressions, all the way up the narrow road on your shoulders.
You may stumble from time to time over the stumbling rocks of sins from your past or minds.
But you shall not pick them up always and carry them with you.
Sometimes, yes, these sins are like soft cushions or sponges.
Those lead more to temptations as the heavy rocks.
Leave them where they are.

You may stumble more than once, but stand up, focus your eyes upon the finish line, upon Me, and I will be with you.
Empty handed I sent you into this world, empty handed of anything in this world you will come back one day and stand before Me.
The good fruit you picked up on your way will be in My barn.
But (standing) before Me you will be empty handed.

I laugh about all the gold and silver where men want to buy their salvation.
Fools are they!
Deceived deceivers.
Many (of them) I sent back with their wealth they carried in their hearts.
I send them all the way to the edge of the wide road that leads to destruction.
There they will fall down into the pit to meet their Master, the one they love(d).

One more day and two and a week and two before the month of months is finished.
I will call from heaven and angels will swarm out to gather souls.
The harvest is ready.
Come up to Me, I will show you more.
Prepare yourself to meet Me.
It’s time to enter the new dimension.

Scripture to the word:
Isaiah 43:19
Matthew 12: 46-48/ Mark 3: 31-35/ Luke 8: 19-21
Matthew 17:20/ Luke 17:6
Matthew 6:24/ Luke 16:13
John 14:6
Revelation 20:12
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Revelation 14:15

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