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Word 2022-01-07 To the wicked and the church

Prophetic word, received on January the 7th around 7.30 in the evening during Shabat Worship.

Please pay close attention as the word flips somewhere in the direction of the conversation.
A certain section it turns from the Lord speaking to the people speaking, namely the remnant with the unbelieving believers or whatever to say… to the lukewarm.

Also please ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this word.

Out of the depths of the heart, men speaks.
You feed your children with junk but (then) wonder why they become so alien to you.
You think the electronic grandmother and all the other ″electronic family members″ are a comfortable place to place them.
But there the entertainers of hell train your children things you have not known and heard (before).
And this goes on now for generations.
Floods of witchcraft.
Year after year deeper into darkness.

They grow old and one day they will rule over you.
Alienated from (real) family, connected to the underground world.
Hearts cold and colder as ice.
A tongue of blasphemy that they have been trained.
Their actions hot to melt iron.
They are not even ashamed to sell you, their own family to satisfy their greed.
Family, where is family?
What family is you even don’t know anymore.

Listen to My words and feed your children with My Word and My Manna.
The Truth, the living Torah, renewed as the people back then in times of the iron empire have forgotten what I desire.
They asked for oppression and they’ve got it.
I desire obedience instead sacrifice.
Simplicity instead complexity.

Stay dedicated to keep My commandments, not as as they who have forgotten what it means to have mercy.
And now, we are back in times when I let you go through trials, tribulations and testing.
I look for those hearts who are not dedicated to doctrines of devils and teaching of pagan traditions by men.

My Kingdom will come, but the kingdoms of this world will fade.
You are now in a similar place as the people of the iron empire.
Yet the empire today you’re in is mingled with clay.
It will shake and tremble (them) and start to disintegrate when I call.
Every word of Truth shakes it at their foundation.

Tell me My people:
What is this you have in your face under the nose?
Have you forgotten how to use it for My glory?
Do you not know how the enemy trembles when you open it and let My word flow out of it?

The last double year I have been going around from church to church and listen what they, (the people who attend there) speak.
Profane utterances in many places, just one single word: Covid, Covid, Covid.
Yet the most of them don’t even know what it is.
With big eyes they stare at it.
Your mouth is frozen or behind a curtain of fear and lies.

Is this how I have created you?
Is this in My image?
Do you think or believe I would ever cover myself with such a piece of defacement?
Not one second!

As I am almost finished with all the churches or such places where people claim to be holy sanctuaries.
I marked them and picked the few righteous that I have found there in between.
The moment will come when I will bring them out as My remnant, as they will be spared.
Will they! use their mouth?
Yes they will use their mouth to declare My words and mighty miracles I have done and will not stop proclaiming it even while they sleep.

I will show more mercy with prostitutes, alcoholics, drug addicts, homeless thieves and all people whose hearts are broken than with the ones who label themselves as Christians.
Those where I see their lifestyle of hypocrisy, a lifestyle, that is lukewarm and in fear of men but not of Me.
I ‘m about to spit them out of My mouth.
Don’t expect I am waiting much longer or will show endless mercy (as some proclaim).
The day is almost here that I will do what I said I will do.
Not one word that proceeds out of My mouth will return void but will accomplish everything it is designed for.

Watch and see how the pins are falling when My ball, My rock will roll through the churches or the buildings that are labeled as church.
When this is done it will roll over the wicked and crush them to nothing.
They will see how their golden calf will be ground to powder and be cast into the water.
Bitter will become the water and many will die from it who drink it.

Greedy people, addicted to riches will see their wealth washed away in the flood.
But instead to Me, they will try to rescue their mammon-god.
A god that is not able to see, hear, smell, speak, taste and feel.
The only way it speaks is through bribery.
But I will put a wedge between to silence its sneaky whisper.

My remnant will watch with Me and laugh.
(other voices will shout:) Should we not worry and have pity with these precious souls?
Did they ever had pity with you when they oppressed and fooled you with their sorcery?
If you like to have them back, please… please…
We focus our eyes and hearts on the savior.
And if He reverse the flood into our hands we will take it.
But if the Lord let the flood of wealth drained down the wide road that leads to destruction, so let it be.
We already have more than all these wicked people ever had with their wealth altogether.
If our Savior gives us their wealth it is anyway less than a tiny fraction of less than almost nothing in addition to the riches of His Glory that we already have and see.

My sons and daughters, trust Me for more than you can ever imagine.
Not only some kind of (earthly) wealth or however you name it, but My Holiness and My Spirit.
My grace is sufficient enough.

You see the smoke rising?
No, your physical eye is not able to see it yet.
But you will…
The days are numbered.

On the horizon, far away, but close in future and days.
Death and life, destruction and restoration, all at the same time.
The battle in the heavenlies is already at the peak of intensity.
It will not take much longer until it will reach the realm, where most people are only aware of.
I (will) show it to My prophets beforehand.
Yes, some people will not realize, even when war is right in front of their door.

So many people live in virtual lies and illusion – no, not in virtual reality because that does not exist, regardless of what sticker they put on the box.
The devil will simply roll over them, before they even realize anything at all (of what is truly going on).
For those who stand frozen in fear, let them hear the sound of the Shofar (Trumpet).
Give them the sound of alarm to turn to Me and hide under the shelter of My wings.

Prophets, sound the alarm″ Evangelists, open your mouths and speak My word of Truth.
Flush traditions down the toilets, they won’t save any.
Take My sword and fight.
The battle is yours.
The victory is yours if you trust Me as your Master.

The devil still don’t want to believe that he (had already) lost and will be cast into the lake of fire, though he knows it very well.
He still thinks in his pride, and his servants even more that they will be able to conquer the world and built it back better.
Build it up for themselves with their sorcery (trying) to gain eternal life.
But sooner than later they will figure out when they stand in front of their own foolishness.
All smoked into nothing, into their own destruction.

If you have a mouth, speak the Truth, the word of Elohim.

Scripture to the Prophecy:
Deuteronomy 6:7
Leviticus 22:31, 26:3
Matthew 15:9/ Mark 7:7/ 1 Timothy 4:1
Romans 11:31
Exodus 32:20
Revelation 8:11
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