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Word 2022-01-05 France and their president

Prophetic Word, received on January 5th 2022 at 21:15 (during prayer and worship time)

How would it be if the Eiffel tower will topple;
the Glory of Paris on the ground?
Very similar as if the Statue of Liberty in New York…
If it will drop into the sea, the water and drown?
Who cares?
The liberty in America is already gone many decades ago.
So the monument in Paris… the glory of that city… can’t be found anymore.

Filth and uncleanness, demonic entities dancing there in the streets.
Nothing attractive anymore.
And the Louvre with all the copies and falsification of paintings and arts.
And the president?
Who is he?

He thinks he is god, while building his empire on sand.
Iron mixed with clay, joining with his neighbors.
They all sit in the same boat, that is leaking from the very bottom.
The deep rust of unholy assignments are eating up the former great foundation.

This rust already covers the shoes of the president, brown and red.
He only stamps on his own children, his nation, thinking, this will remove the dirt and the rust from his shoes.
But no, it makes it only worse.
When you will see the holes open, then you will see all the blood he has, not only on his hands but also on his feet.
Not his own blood but the blood of many.
Thousands upon thousands.

And above all that he thinks he is doing good and great things while being the best president ever.
So because of that he should be elevated above all and to be set at a place of god.
Pride and arrogance from the top of his head to the soles of his feet.
From the day he sneaked into office, I have an eye on him.
Not much longer and he will fall into the same ditch he dug.

Suicide will be coming upon many in high places when they see the storm approaching.
Darkness covers the earth as the waters the ocean.

Scriptures to this prophecy:
Daniel 2
Psalm 7:15
Proverbs 26:27, 28:19/ Ecclesiastes 10:8

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