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Word 2022-01-03 United Kingdoms – Gods Kingdom

Prophetic Word 2022-01-03 5:30am (after a dream)

It starts with the word United Kingdom which I understood as what we simply say England.
And this might be somehow connected with the dream – but I have no insight on that.

Here on the website I will post the whole dream right here (in italic letters).
The dream itself is very fractured

Dream 2022-01-03 – maybe 5:00am

I am at work.
One thing I remember that I trim or cut some type of flexible strings that looks like of a guitar, yet much longer and not on a guitar.
Like trimming a tree, I don’t cut all the strings, only need to cut off the wrong strings.
I can manage to get this done.
Then I have to clean out a certain area in this place.
Together all of this I will dump in the same box, which looks like some kind of cardboard.

Then I have one piece of metal that looks like that type of metal used to set up plasterboard walls, yet this piece is much bigger.
It is fairly thin metal, so it is somehow flexible to fold.
Not so easy anyway because of it’s size and it needs to fit in the box, which does not appear to be so strong (cardboard against metal).

Then I see something like a screen, and there, Boris Johnson speaking.
It is not really a physical television but similar yet more virtual or spiritual.
As I look at it, I am wondering why he has a bald head.
I know in the dream it is him, but just without hair.

Then the other co-workers stop working and go to lunch.
Guess there was this type of lunch alarm-bell ringing.
One man who pass by said to me to come also.
But I continue until I have this (one or more) metal scrap folded that it will fit in the box, or else it might spring up and flip back and I would have to start again from the beginning.

I don’t know how much time there was between I had the dream and the word – but now the
Prophetic word:

United Kingdom, United States of America,
European Union, United nations.
United in what?
United in wickedness, united to come against My anointed.
United Arab Emirates or Empire?

Kingdom, oh Kingdoms of men, kingdom of states, kingdom of nations, Unholy Roman Empire, kingdom of darkness.
Kingdom of kings that I have not anointed that I have not appointed.
Rulers of darkness, princes of evil.

And My people Israel – where have you gone so far astray?
Far away from My ways of righteousness.
But instead you follow Beelzebub and Jezebel as you chose Ahab as your king.

You say, I set kings in place, I put them up and remove them.
(But) who has anointed them?
Tell me!
Have you forgotten how I have anointed My beloved King David?
Who are the united kings (of darkness)?
Have you seen them waking in My ways of righteousness?
Do they keep My commandments?

They do not keep even their own promises made my men.
As soon as they step into office they do what the prince of darkness, the devil is telling them.
United in destruction and murder.

And the ones who are called my My name?
Busy to keep their traditions running.
If there would not be a righteous remnant, this world would already be like Sodom and Gomorrah after I poured out My fire upon them.

Shall I have mercy with you?
Less than with Tyre and Sidon!
United as the people in Babel, you come together with a plot to rise up a kingdom as you want to make yourself a name under heaven and reign forever.
And still you build it on sand.

The storm is coming and with the storm My rain.
And My children will reign with Me forever.
They know what true unity is.
Unity of love, Unity of peace, United Joy.
Righteous unity, a kingdom built on the rock of My salvation..

Not the blood of innocent children, sacrificed for Moloch (Molech), but the blood of My eternal covenant.
The blood that I poured out for you, for your sins and forgiveness.
For those who eat My bread, My manna, the bread of live, they will live forever in My kingdom.
United with and in Me!

Scripture to that prophecy:
Psalms 2
1 Kings 16
1 Samuel 16
Matthew 11:21
Genesis 11:4
Leviticus 20:1-5/ Jeremiah 32:35

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