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Word 2021-12-25 AI knowledge and cyber plans

Prophetic Word, December 25th 2021 14:30 – while sitting in the sun, enjoying Shabat

please pay close attention to the conversation,
because part of it is like the thoughts of evil men and what they are planning to do.

There is an empty field, yet all people gather on the small piece of ground with the concrete floor.
Is there no-one interested in green pastures anymore?
No they say, the green pastures is for the little children…
We will play on the hard ground, we are tough and advanced.

And yet you forget your creator?
Do you not know that I have designed the green pastures for you to enjoy?
You developed concrete, asphalt, pavements, and brick-stones that you throw into your neighbors garden.

Not much longer and I will pour out My brick-stones that will crush all your man-made fragile constructions of increased knowledge.
You say, we don’t want to run around like Neanderthal’s living in caves.
We want to be modern, advanced in all technology that makes life so much easier.
And yes, we are proud of our technology that sets us up on high, higher than creation, above all the prehistoric styles.

Barter deals, gold, silver and all silly things for payment to carry around are antique inventions with the risk to get robbed by thieves along our daily walk.
We desire and developed the cyber coins, nothing that thieves can steal anywhere on our walk, in the streets or elsewhere.
What a pleasure, when soon we have it imprinted in our bodies.
Glorious times ahead when we don’t have to hassle anymore with these heavy small coins.
All we need will be in our hands and minds.

No more running in the woods, hunting for hours to satisfy our desires.
Beside that all the other benefits of modern comfort.
Digging in the ground to get food is a job for primitive fossilized minds.
We will get our food from the automated bug farms.
Delicious beyond measure and available for children in all different forms, colors and taste’s.

Green packages of food, ready to be warmed up within a minute – no waste of energy.
And we will not spend hours anymore in the kitchen to get the food together.
This was an old age relic for granny and the ancient generations.

We focus on advancement and enhancement of our future.
Beautiful 3D-printed moving and speaking toys for children and the following generations of children.
With our artificial intelligence in these toys the children will learn much faster and way more than every generation ever before.
One generation after the other.
They will be able because of their great knowledge (that they will gain by these intelligent toys), to build ships to travel to other planets and galaxies (and there) to conquer the whole universe.

A people who worship a god who claim he created this tiny blue marble will be no more.
(Our) Technology and knowledge don’t need a god, because this is more (valuable) than all gods together.
We know now how to create and design eternal life by printing the DNA for the next generation.
And (then) we all will be ruling the (endless ever expanding) universe.

Who said this?
Let many play god and experience how far they will get with that.
My forgiveness, way, truth and life they reject.
But soon they will know how far their artificial intelligent knowledge will go.
In a moment, a twinkling of an eye and they all will be back in the caves.

Not like their Neanderthal creation but because of My word, My wrath.
And all their technology will face My brimstone’s.
In a second burned to ashes.
And then they will cry because they have not learned how to work the land and eat the bread with sweat.

Yet those who trust and obey Me and keep My commandments, the remnant will conquer in peace with love and compassion (not with man-made weapons).
Their wisdom which is My wisdom will tear down the artificial intelligent lies which are nothing intelligent but lies from the pit of hell.
Lies upon lies like the tower of Babel.
Built on high, raising up as they wanted to heaven.
But they did never get that far.
So many lies, that one day, that is already here, it will confuse them.
And they will not know the truth anymore.

The true truth I will keep for My beloved children as the truth always leads to Me.
I am the truth, nothing artificial and all people will know.
Those who know Me and love Me will be set free.
Free from the modern lies, free from the universe.
Free with my pure DNA, created in My image.
Not a twisted DNA, corrupted by men, corrupted by wickedness, but a straight ladder up to My throne.

The way to everlasting life with Me in My eternal kingdom.
With Me you don’t need technology and modern bug factories to be satisfied and comforted.
In and with Me you have everything you need, satisfaction and comfort beyond (your) imagination.

Come and I will give you rest from the restless world.
My kingdom don’t know gold- or silver-money, credit cards or cashless prints in your hand or mind.
True freedom don’t need all of this.
Everything is free and jealousy does not exist.

Long, too long I have been looking upon the earth, and watched all the evil wicked people.
Just a tiny, very tiny bit more and you will see how everything will crumble.
They still have one more plan, one more door of evil that they will open.

When I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh in a way like never before, people will see the level and depth of evil.
Wickedness that never could imagine (and believe).
Because without My Spirit they are simply blind and deaf.

Glory, give glory to My Name and I will lift you up.
If you give glory to men (or all their inventions) and worship the beast or the system, I can’t hear you.
I can’t heal you (if you do so).

22 princes, 22 days, 22 counselors, 22 dreams, 22 lives, 22 praises, 22 moves of My Spirit.
Red and blue, put on your shoe.
The fireworks are about to explode.
Get ready, cleanse your house and prepare for battle.
Your worship will be the sound of victory.
My army want to hear your praises.
Truth is in their beat, they will be marching.

Scripture to the word:
Matthew 6:19-21
Joel 2:28
Revelation 6:15

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