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Word 2021-12-22 The book that counts, weapons & games

Prophetic Word, received on December 22nd 2021 around 8:45pm after my personal worship in prayer.

There are books, books all over.
Millions, Millions and millions upon millions of books…
But there is only one book that counts.
One single book at the end where everything and everyone comes together.

I am writing this book since the beginning of Adam.
I am signing in and signing out.
Names and generations of names, each single person that dwells on earth from the beginning til the end.
This is the book that matters, that counts, the book of life.
And those who are not written in there will be cast into the lake of fire.

The ″Amen″ in churches today are not sure anymore but the day of judgment is for certain!
Not one (person) can bypass that day, that event.
And that one book you call the bible is still the one and only book that shows the way to life.
And forgiveness is still available for those who repent and turn from their crooked ways and evil wickedness.

There is none that does good, not one…
but My mercy is still there.
Not much longer and it will be hard to find it.
Yet there are still things that need to come before the needle in the haystack will be easier to be found as My mercy.

Where are (you) My shepherds?
I need you to be ready when the harvest begins.
The flood of souls.
Broken souls that need comfort and strength and guidance.
Let My Spirit not be grieved when I come into your home and I see you doing things that you should not even have in your thoughts.

I expect from you obedience to My words.
My Torah, My prophets, My wisdom, My revelation is My word.
I Am The Living Word.

I am the author of your life and I will finish it if you agree with My commandments.
Glory, give glory to the One who sits on the throne.
There the light shines.
There the river of living waters flows.
The stream of life you have not seen yet.
Life overflowing is on My lips.

Speak what I told you, speak what I will tell you and do not hold back when the enemy intimidates you.
He is not above you if you are with Me.
He can’t overcome you if you come to Me.
Angels are there to assist if you are there where I called you.

No weapons formed against you can prosper if you carry the weapons of My holiness.
The sword I gave you is sharper than all the lies and deceptions of the devil, his dominions and servants.
Don’t hesitate to use them.
You can use them even if you don’t need them (to use).
My weapons can’t harm My children – never ever because there is life in My sword, but the devil hates life.
He is afraid of life because he is death.
There is no life in him and he can’t give life.
He can fool and deceive people but can’t defeat My wisdom.

Hold on of what you have and keep your light shining on the top of the mountain.
Don’t waste the precious oil that I have given you for free.
Don’t spill My oil by spells and hateful words.
All you do and say is recorded in My books.
And there you will find the answer when you stand before Me (one day) and give account.

I don’t give you a choice when these books will be open (will be opened).
There… it will be too late.

Yet the book of life is above all books and My word is above all words.
My death on the stake was for all people above all deaths.
My resurrection from the grave and death, My blood above all sin.
Drink My blood and eat My flesh or else you have no part in Me.

Let praise be on your lips instead talks of tyranny by evil men.
They can’t break your praise.
There exists no weapons against worship in Spirit and in Truth.
You can’t fight an elephant with a tooth-stick.
But you can cross that little fragile bridge that cross the troubled waters in praise and worship..
If the elephant tries to follow you, he will fall into the pit, into his own troubled waters.

My thoughts are higher than your thoughts.
But if you cross the cross and listen and obey My words I spoke, you will be able to come closer to Me and My thoughts.
Moshe (Moses) was so close that I could share My deepest thoughts with him, face to face like to a friend.
Yochanan (John) heard my heartbeat and was trembling when I shared with him what you are going to see in front of your eyes.

But most people today are like robots without any emotions anymore.
They look into their own destruction while saying: ″oooh, everything is okay, all is fine…″
TV, Internet, killer games destroyed everything related to My compassion and lovingkindness that I placed into each peoples hearts.
A virtual world of disasters formed reality that they began to enjoy.

No, soon their game will be over and gaming will be no more.
Then they will face the game of true reality.
Though this (world) is not reality but a game of deception.
The real deception?

The real deception is not yet here.
You just heard and played the prelude.
When it looks like beauty rising out of the ashes, there…. the real game of deception will start.
A very short game.
But when people realize it (that they have been played) it will be too late.
Too late to turn.
They gave their joystick to their enemy.

While watching the scene as the beginning looked so great with supposed victory over and over.
But suddenly they realize, something stinks.
The whole plan was, to lead them into a dead end road where they only can decide between death 1 or death 2.
One option for the death of the body or the other for the death of the spirit.
Some will go right, some will go left.
Then they will see the book of life.

Scripture Verses to read:
Please read also a bit around the verses if necessary to get a deeper understanding
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