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Word 2021-12-19 Days of Biden numbered, no weight

Prophetic Word, December 19th 2021 around 23:20

Biden, your days are numbered.
I weighed Belshazzar and he was found to be too light, but you Joe don’t have any weight at all.
Though you are not the one who you are but public recognize you as someone.
For Me you are nothing, no weight, no control, ″no soul″ **
Pelosi comes right after you.

And Boris, who are you that you think you can play with your nation?
Do you want to end like Gaddafi or do you turn from your crooked ways?
Then, leave all your corrupt friends and come to Me (and I will forgive you).
How much has greed and love of money eaten your brain…
People say, Alzheimer destroys the brain, but I say: Greed destroys it 100 times more.

Not many are able to deal with billions of dollars and still walk in righteousness.
With millions some people still manage to keep their hearts unspoiled from the wealth but when it reaches a certain level, men’s hearts so easily turn away from Me.

Will you be poor if I would give you a billion but ask you to give away 95% to the hungry?
Will you worry with the remaining 5% to become homeless?
And if I would ask you to give away everything, will you continue praising me or stop it?

Do you not know that My blood, even just a drop of it is more valuable and precious than all the money and riches of this world?
You can’t buy forgiveness of sin and salvation for your soul (with anything).
You can’t even earn it with your works (nor by any kind of actions).

If a little child has only one drop of My blood in his heart, his weight is far beyond Biden, Pelosi, Boris, Frank, Gates, Schwab, Tony, Ursula, Prince Philip, and all the fraction who are in bed with them altogether.
A toddler or a righteous homeless beggar have even more weight than you all combined.
Why have you sold your soul for no reason?
For love of money?
But all your wealth does not count anything on My scale.

I weight the naked person’s heart.
Your heart is empty,
filled with empty promises of the devil.
Now you got, what he has promised…
but you are still not satisfied – and never will be.
Emptiness can never satisfy anything or anyone.

Your endless hunger and thirst for death made you blind.
But watch, when I will strip you off.
Everything will be taken from you and at the end you will stand before Me and give account of what you have done with your talent.
This one talent will be taken away from you and I will give it to My faithful servants.

Look out of the window.
The sun is still shining for you (oh wicked people).
But tomorrow you will see the rain of sorrow.

Verses for this prophecy:

Daniel 5:1-30 (26+27)
Matthew 25: 14-30 (26-28)

(about: **)
Where it speaks about Biden having no soul,
Don’t get it wrong…
Surely he has a soul but as I received this prophecy
I understood it as a soul that does not act like a (normal) caring human (should do).
That’s why it it’s counted as having no soul.
I don’t know how I could describe it in English as this is not my native language.

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